All You Need to Know About BWP Grade Plywood

Introduction to CenturyPly

CenturyPly boards were first established in 1982 by Sajjan Bhajanka and Sanjay Agarwal. Century has its main office in Bishnupur near Joka, Kolkata. They sell their product under the name of “CenturyPly”. For a long time, Century has been committed to providing innovative and beneficial plywood types. In 2002, they introduced Flexoply. As the name suggests, it is a flexible kind of plywood. Hi-Pressure Laminates and Pre–Laminated Particle Board were introduced in 2005. Not only this Century has provided us with lots of innovative plywood products like water-resistant plywood, fire retarded plywood, virus-proof plywood, and much more. The goal of Century is to provide solutions for the current market problems.

Water-resistant plywood by CenturyPly

India is a land of diversity. Many areas have water-related issues. After much research, Century introduced a technology that can produce water-resistant plywood for the benefit of humanity. There are many other plywood varieties introduced by CenturyPly which vary from anti-virus plywood to fire retarded plywood. So if you are interested in the latest technologies and finding the right fit for your house in terms of plywood, then you must look into the various types of plywood provided by CenturyPly.

CenturyPly has become a global brand

Century is the number one plywood manufacturer in India, with an office in Kolkata. They also have an export system in place for plywood. Century provides export services to approximately 20 countries currently. Some of those countries are Bangladesh, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Canada, the UK, Germany, Mexico, France, and Singapore. Their plywood certification is not only of Indian but also British and American standards. Along with this CenturyPly has trust and loyalty of 20 years with them. This simply means that all BWP grade plywoods have certification from India as well as British and America.

CenturyPly’s best product?

BWP grade plywood is one of the marvels of the CenturyPly, which is water-resistant and has congruous strength. Not only this, you can use this plywood anywhere, from using it for designing or making doors. The best application of this would be in the interior design of bathrooms as these plywoods not only will give a good finish but also durability and warranty. If you are going for that natural and rustic look for your interior, the use of BWP-grade plywood is recommended. Genuine and authentic plywood by CenturyPly is best in terms of prices. You cannot get any other plywood at a price offered by CenturyPly with all the features and trust that century can offer.

If you are a person who is very much about purchasing genuine items and are not sure whether your purchase is genuine and authentic as claimed, then do not worry. CenturyPly has an answer for that also. They provide an app by scanning the code available on every sheet of plywood offered by them. You can determine whether the plywood is genuine or not. You can also download the certificate of warranty from the app. Every sheet of plywood provided by CenturyPly comes with some kind of warranty. Depending on the wood and price, you can get anything from forever to eight years. You can always scan the BWP-grade plywood for genuinity and authenticity.

The Bottom Line

If all these do not convince you to invest in BWP grade plywood, then their property of being non-malleable and anti-termite is sure to attract your attention. To sum it all up, BWP grade plywood is good in strength, boiling point waterproof, anti-termite and is borer proof. They are also available at much cheaper rates.

Combine all these features with the trust and authenticity of the century, and this makes the BWP grade plywood the best choice for all your plywood needs. You can use this plywood for all the wet areas as they are moisture and water-resistant. You can also use them outdoors or in areas that experience the most water exposure. This cost-effective plywood is so far one of the best innovations introduced by CenturyPly.

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