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Allah loves us, and here are signs of that love | Online Quran tutor

Love is a “selfless, loyal, and kind concern for the well-being of another person.” We Muslims love Allah, but have we thought about how much Allah loves us? In Islam, there are many ways to learn about the Quran, and one is an online Quran tutor through which you can learn at home at the online Quran academy.

  1. When we try to get closer to Allah, He gets closer to us.

In a Hadith Qudsi, Allah (SWT) states:

I’m there when he thinks of me. If he remembers me in his heart, I remember him to Myself, and if he remembers me in a gathering, I mention him in a gathering better than he does, and if he comes closer to me by a hand’s span, I come closer to him by an arm’s length, and if he comes closer to me by an arm’s length, I come closer to him by a fathom’s length, and if he comes to me walking, I (Bukhari and Muslim)

This hadith shows how much Allah loves and cares for people. This shows that Allah wants us to be happy. If Allah didn’t want us to succeed, why would He “rush” to us so quickly?

This hadith shows that Allah is kind and wants to give us more than we deserve. All He wants is for us to take one step closer to Him. If we do something small for Him, He will reward us in ways we didn’t expect.

When you get any “help,” you can be sure that it comes from Allah. He’s the source of all help. He is the source of everything good. Help and good things happening to you are signs that Allah loves you.

We ask Allah for help because, as the fifth verse of Surah Al-Fatihah says, all help comes from Him.

Think briefly about the question, “How has Allah helped you?” You will see how much Allah loves you.

2. One of God’s names for Allah is Al-Wadud, which means “the most loving.

Al-Wadud comes from the root word Wud, which means “love through giving.” So, the fact that Allah gives shows that He loves. This kind of love cares for someone.

3. God forgives us for our mistakes because He loves us.

(Allah says), “Adam’s son, as long as you call on me and ask for forgiveness, I will forget what you have done.” O son of Adam, if your sins were as high as the clouds in the sky and you asked me to forgive you, I would. O son of Adam, if you came to me with sins almost as big as the earth and looked at me with no one else in mind, I would forgive you almost as much as the earth.

4. Allah made it necessary for us to pray to Him so that we would stay close to Him

Allah doesn’t need our prayers. Allah’s love for us is shown by the fact that we must do Salah. He knows that we won’t always feel like praying, so He made sure we have a way to talk to Him daily.

“And pray and give zakat, and whatever good you wish for yourself, Allah will bring it to you. Allah sees everything you do. (2:110)

5. God has made paradise for us because He loves us.

“May Allah reward them for the best things they’ve done and give them even more because of His grace? And Allah gives whatever He wants to whoever He wants.” (24:38)

6. Allah tells us not to do some things because He wants to keep us safe.

“O you who have believed, intoxicants, gambling, offering sacrifices on stone altars to gods other than Allah, and divining arrows are all from Satan, so stay away from them if you want to be successful. Satan plans to make you fight and hate each other with alcohol and gambling and to keep you from thinking about Allah and praying. Will you not then abstain? (5:90-91)

The above are the signs of the love of Allah among His people explained through online Quran teaching with the help of an online Quran tutor. If you also want to learn Quran go for online Quran classes; you can learn through the online Quran academy in the USA.

5 Things in my heart that make me a Muslim

Even though I was born into a Muslim family, there are many other reasons why I believe in Islam. Here are a few examples that an online Quran tutor gives for the people of the USA:

The attention to Allah (SWT)

Islam is about praising, honoring, serving, and loving Allah (SWT). Islam is all about being thankful to God (SWT). I am surer that Islam is accurate because it is all about Allah/God.

O, Believers! Always think about Allah and praise Him in the morning and evening.

The Prophet (PBUH) asked, “Shall I tell you the best thing you can do?” It makes you look better in the eyes of your Lord and is the best act of righteousness you can do. In the next life, it is better than spending gold and silver. In the service of God, fighting and killing or being killed in battle, on the way to God?” “Yes!” said his friends. He said, “In honor of Allah.”

Morals and how Islam makes things easy to understand

According to Islam, ethics and good character are the most important things for a person to have. To be a true Muslim, you have to do good things. Islam tells us what to do in every part of life, like marriage and work. Islam makes it clear that our primary goal in life is to please God

“Truly, Allah doesn’t look at how you look or how much money you have. He looks at your hearts and what you do.”

“I still have a lot to say to you, but you can handle it right now. But when the Spirit of Truth comes, he will lead you into all truth. He won’t talk about himself, but what he hears will be what he says and show you things to come. He will bring honor to me.”

This verse tells us that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was known for being honest, that he spoke the words of God in the form of the Quran, and that he respected Prophet (PBUH).

You can search online if you want to know more about the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), who is mentioned in the Quran.

learn more The Houston Quran Academy has many different classes about Islam and the Quran.

 The Quran is full of a scientific miracle

It is crazy to think that the Holy Quran talks about scientific facts that didn’t exist 1400 years ago. For example, the Big Bang Theory about the beginning of the universe is mentioned in the Quran:

Do the people who don’t believe not see that the heavens and earth used to be a closed mass and that we opened them up? And we made every living thing out of water. Then, won’t they believe?

The Holy Quran also says that the universe is growing, which is a scientific fact that was only recently discovered:

And we built the heaven with strength, and we are still adding to it.

Then we put him in a safe place as a drop of sperm. We turned the sperm into a clot. Then, we turned the clot into a shapeless lump. We turned this shapeless lump into bones. Then, we put flesh on the bones. Then, we turned it into something else. So may Allah, the best of creators, be praised?”

This verse says what scientists know to be true about how an embryo grows and changes.

If you are a Muslim, Learn about these things through online Quran classes at the online Quran academy; it will help you be a good Muslim and to build a strong faith. Online Quran teaching is the most powerful resource to learn about the Quran with the assistance of an online Quran tutor.


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