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An Ultimate Outline of the Best Performing Hankook Tyres London

We all know that Hankook Tyres London is one of the best-selling tyres of all time. This guide will let you dive into more details about these most affordable premium tyres.

Key Factors That Make Hankook Tyres London the Best and Unique

Firstly, Hankook tyres follow different methods and strategies that pave their way to reach out to the audience in an efficient manner. However, these are a few of many factors that stand Hankook Tyres London over the pinnacle:

Brand Elevation:

The brand elevation is one of a kind strategy followed by Hankook, unlike any other tyre manufacturer. However, this is nothing but a dividing strategy that helps the brand to reach more consumers. One of the impressive methods under this strategy is the company operates with two names. The major and internationally known one is Hankook Tyres London which is a premium car tyre label. Whereas Laufenn tyres is another name managed by the company that mainly focuses on all mid-range cars efficiently. Reportedly, now the company is making some serious moves toward making the Laufenn consistent with future electric vehicles.

Innovation, Sustainability, and Technology:

Foundationally, the company believes in innovation since its emergence. Hence, Hankook tyres design its original products under the surveillance of the world’s best scientists. Also, the company follows numerous innovative management paths including, tyre designs, siping technologies, tread wear, and material development that enhance better rides with more comfort and safety. Besides, ESG management is another innovative step taken by Hankook. Not many brands are aware of the ESG that almost reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 15%. Alongside, the company follows several technological and sustainable developments in case of fuel-saving, less noise emission, run-on-flat tyres, and blow-out-free rubber compounds.

Tyre Variants:

Both Hankook and Laufenn Car Tyres London come in different models each year. However, the brand makes each variant serve different purposes including, different road concerns, local climatic conditions, and different terrains. Also, each variant from the brand is available in multiple sizes that fit thousands of different vehicles. These are the different tyre variants from Hankook tyres:

  • iON- dedicated EV tyres
  • Ventus- premium tyres
  • Dynapro- SUV tyres
  • Kinergy- comfort tyres
  • Vantra- van tyres
  • Winter i*cept- winter tyres
  • Smart- truck and bus tyres

Meanwhile, the subgroup Laufenn mostly makes the Car Tyres London for various economical car models. Simply, these tyres are more compatible with run-on passenger models, even the brand itself stands for ‘Run’ in German, produces like:

  • Z FIT- high-performance tyres
  • S FIT- sport performance tyres
  • G Fit- performance tyres- Suitable for general passengers and everyday drivers
  • X Fit- LT&SUV performance tyres
  • I Fit- winter performance tyres

Kingstar is another production from the company that mainly focuses on the heavy on-road vehicle’s tyre making. After all, this label is not for passenger car models.

Brand Deals:

It is evident that Hankook tyres are not only famous among the users as the quality product delivery from the company makes many national and international car brands tie up with it. Over the past few years many legit car houses, including Porche, Audi, and Volkswagen make associations with the brand.

Top 3 Best Performing Tyres from Hankook Tyres

Hankook Winter I*cept evo3 W330:

  • This winter passenger model’s sipes and grooves enhance excellent aquaplaning resistance
  • This premium model delivers exceptional traction over snow
  • This model’s advanced tread compound aids in superior short braking distance in snow regions
  • The innovative rubber compound and the material used in the tyre foster fantastic handling on snow and wet
  • This high-performance winter variant facilitates outstanding steering response and braking capability over wet roads

Ventus S1 evo3 K127:

  • This high-performance summer variant fosters short braking distance on wet and dry roads effortlessly
  • Also, this model elevates sharp corner braking and outstanding steering control over any terrain
  • The re-formulated rubber compound from Hankook enhances exceptional grip on the wet roads
  • Also, the specially designed tread compound elevates eminent handling over wet surfaces
  • This tyre provides quieter and more comfortable rides by enhancing low drive-by noise levels, thanks to the less-noise emission technology by Hankook

After all, this summer tyre facilitates exceptional wet traction

Hankook Ventus s1 Evo 2 K117:

  • This premium summer variant aids in low rolling resistance over any terrain
  • Hankook Tyres London facilitates low drive-by noise levels, thanks to Hankook’s very own less-noise emission technology
  • This performance tyre provides exceptional handling on the wet and fosters decent low fuel consumption over any road
  • Hankook Ventus S1 Evo 2 K117 promotes outstanding handling on dry roads due to the innovative rubber compound
  • This model’s legit design and advanced treading aid in delivering very good aquaplaning resistance

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