Anti Aging Botox Treatment in Dubai

People who have wrinkles on their faces and are getting old can not bear this as nobody wants to look aged. This is not a problem as this can be solved by this Anti Aging Botox in Dubai. It will rejuvenate your skin and will boost your facial parts. The injections contain botulinum toxin which gets injected into the skin through needles and starts leaving impacts. This is a multitasking procedure that solves various issues like wrinkles, facial lines, and laugh lines. The treatment these days is getting popular day by day as it’s a non-surgical process also the treatment fee is quite affordable.

What Do You Need to Know About Micro-needling?

Micro-needling causes the skin to get relax & removes wrinkles and lines. This procedure is a cosmetic one and is non-invasive which is the main reason for its popularity among people. Wrinkles formed on the skin are due to the contraction of the muscles, this treatment makes the muscle smooth and the face steadily loses all the aging lines. Although, the effect of the treatment is not permanent the patient gets perfect outcomes once treated. This procedure is also effective on the forehead. This treatment is applicable to different areas of the body. Some people obtain injections to treat vaginal aging. But its main use is for face parts and the neck area. 

What to Understand Before the Treatment?

When someone is opting for a procedure the individual should be sure about everything that is going to happen and what is needed. First of all, the reason for which you are getting the treatment should be clear. Your doctor who is going to treat you must be the best one as it plays an essential role in the treatment. The side effects and the risks that are attached to the procedure must be crystal clear to the person. 

People who are suffering from some sort of skin infection or whose medical health is not perfect should reconsider their decision before getting the treatment. Any pregnant women or individuals who are on medications should not get the procedure. If a person really desires to receive the injections then the person should stop drinking prior to the procedure to get perfect results.

Can I Get the Anti-Aging Botox Treatment Anywhere?   

The main parts of the body that gets treated by this Anti Aging Botox Treatment in Dubai are the ones that are mentioned below:

  • Area present between both the eyes
  • It is useful around the eyes
  • Sweating issues in the underarms 
  • Bladder part
  • Neck area
  • Vaginal tissues
  • Limbs of a person
  • Lips
  • Male prostate glands


When we talk about the Anti AgingBotox Injections in Dubai there are multifarious advantages linked to the procedure. You can treat your muscle disorders with these injections. The skin that looks old due to facial lines and wrinkles gets restored. The time by which the creases on the face become visible again prolonged by the treatment. 

Men who have incontinence issues can be treated by the procedure. The therapy is affordable and a non-surgical one. Puckers between the eyebrows and above the lips get renovated. The jaw becomes prominent after the procedure. 

How Does the Procedure Occur?

To start the process your doctor will inject these botulinum toxin injections which will act on the muscles present beneath the skin. Actually, the contraction of the muscles get decreases, and the relaxation results in the reduction of creases. The application of anesthesia before the treatment is minimal as it is a non-surgical process. To numb, the area doctors mostly use the numbing cream. This helps in eliminating the pain and discomfort. Depending on the need of your face the doctor will inject a number of injections into the skin and in specific locations. The procedure time is short and it is a total of almost ten minutes.

Is it a Dangerous Treatment?

This treatment is a safe and secure one and no side effects are attached to the treatment. But you may feel some 

  • pain, 
  • Discomfort,
  •  or irritation 

after the procedure due to the injections. 

Who is the Perfect Nominee?

  • This kind of procedure is non-invasive and painless so people who are afraid of surgeries and large incisions are perfect for the treatment.
  •  Individuals in their 30s or 40s are ideal as they mostly hate wrinkles on their skin. 
  • When you have puckers or laugh lines
  • A person who is in good health is perfect
  • When you have no medical history
  • People who remain busy can obtain the procedure as it is a quick one
  • Candidates must be adult 

Do the Injections Cause Pain?

The injections that are involved in the Botox procedure cause mild pain or sometimes discomfort. The level of pain a man can get by these injections is equal to the bite of a mosquito. This pain is treated by the use of ice packs and cold pads which relieves the irritation. The benefit of these non-surgical procedures is their painless nature. Furthermore, for the ease of patients, doctors use numbing creams or anesthesia so that the rate of pain for the patient decreases and the process goes on conveniently.

Recovery Phase:

As the procedure is only minimally invasive so the patient does not need a long rehabilitation period. The person can work on the same day after receiving the treatment. You do not have to wait for months or days. The side effects that occur once the treatment is done fade away in almost a day as it is only redness or slight discomfort. Most people feel tightening skin which goes back to normal after 4 to 5 days. 


The patients after receiving the treatment get tight skin and skin clear from fine lines and creases. All the aging signs will fade away. The results of the treatment are not permanent. It will be there for almost 3 to 6 months. The patient needs to visit the clinic after this time period to get another one. To get the desired outcomes an individual should receive the proceeds from a special doctor. People who are in their 30s can have a better impact than people over this. 

After Care:

When the procedure is done a patient needs to use ice packs on the face which will reduce the wrinkles & lines. Candidates should visit a doctor after the procedure if the patient is facing any issues. Makeup can used but it is better to utilize non-mineral makeup as it will not affect your facial area.

Do exercises of the treated part after four to five hours. These exercises are the movement of eyebrows. Avoid doing massage on the muscles as it can put pressure on the sensitive areas. A person should not consume alcohol after the treatment. The intake of smoke must avoided. Sleeping on the particular face side is not good. Getting engaged in a hard activity when the procedure is done make you hurt as the skin is fragile so avoid these strenuous activities.

Why Us?

Enfield Royal Dubai is offering Botox for many years. We have recognized as top ten UAE clinics for offering safe Botox Injections in Dubai. Our experienced dermatologists, friendly environment, emergency care, FDA standards won’t let you go through any dis-ease.

So, if you have planned to take a serious step against your wrinkles, we are here to help. Catch the FDA-approved Anti-wrinkle Botox Injections now and roll on more confidently.

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