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Are applicant tracking systems essential for small businesses?

In virtually every organization, there is a lot of time and effort involved in filling an open position. Nonetheless, the stakes can be even higher for an SMB looking to hire fast.

As a result of their limited resources, small businesses are more sensitive to the negative effects of a long candidate search. Nevertheless, they are still required to follow federal hiring regulations and make sound hiring decisions. SMB employers need to maintain an effective hiring process that is just as efficient as a large corporation’s, with fewer resources.

This segment of the market stands to benefit the most from ExactHire applicant tracking software. The cloud-based hiring software simplifies hiring tasks that used to take hours to accomplish and automates much of the recruiting process.

Application management tools from ExactHire enable you to do a variety of tasks, including post jobs, manage talent, analyze candidates, communicate with candidates and update statuses. Resources such as these assist you in quickly identifying the candidates you can trust to be successful in your organization.

An ATS is helpful for small businesses, but how does it work?

First, having a good applicant tracking system will generally improve your ability to find the best employees. Maintaining a candidate list via email is an option, but if you are dealing with a lot of applicants, you might get into trouble.

You may discover that you have openings that remain unfilled or unlisted for months at a time when you need to fill them. When you lack an organizing system, you may miss the best people. As you already know, you can handle this manually, but you’d prefer to spend that time on other aspects of your business. ATSs enable you to simplify hiring processes.

Custom emails can be created for tracking and sending automated responses to applicants so that they know their applications have been received. By doing so, follow-up calls may be reduced. In addition, an effective ATS should be able to track applicants through the entire hiring process, so you can figure out which ones stand out and why.

What impact can an applicant tracking system have on hiring processes?

An ATS that offers mobile functionality is essential since a majority of job seekers search for positions using their mobile devices. ATSs also help recruiters stay in constant contact with candidates via emails and texts. Employers can strengthen their employer brand by providing applicants with access to mobile devices, convenience, and frequent communication.

Multiple applications can be stored in an ATS. By managing high-volume hiring in one place, companies are able to streamline their processes.

In order to reduce hiring time and cost, many companies are taking action to shorten the hiring process. By automating the screening and filtering of resumes, an ATS helps recruiters identify qualified candidates faster before hiring team members have to even read resumes. The ATS allows recruiters to move promising candidates through the subsequent stages with as much efficiency as possible.

Knowledge about what works (and what doesn’t)

Even for small businesses, if you post job openings on multiple job boards, distribute them via social media, and receive referrals, it becomes difficult to determine which sources are most effective. Where do you find the most qualified candidates? How do you find the candidates who eventually get hired?

As you grow, these insights can prove invaluable with an ATS. It will also save you money in the long run. Spending a lot of time and effort on a certain job board, receiving a lot of applications, but none of them seems to progress past the first two stages. Is it worth it?

How can employers benefit from applicant tracking software?

Why do so many companies use an ATS when it ends up tossing out qualified candidates? In spite of the drawbacks of an ATS, employers receive so many applications that it is still worthwhile to use one.

Saving money is another benefit of using this software. Using an ATS would save businesses from paying employees extra to sift through applications. It saves time for hiring managers, HR professionals, and anyone else. Who needs to look at applicant data together in one place.

A lot of unqualified candidates can be weeded out by ATS software. Several sites offer streamlined or one-click applications so that people can apply regardless of their qualifications. These applications can be easily excluded from an ATS.

Have you had a good candidate experience? 

We place the utmost importance on candidates’ experiences. Reputation has a great deal of sway over applicants, and a poor review has much more sway than a good one, making it difficult to attract and retain the best talent. It is important to streamline applications. We need an ATS that is intuitive and simple to use so everyone will be able to understand and use it.

Today’s recruitment process is streamlined by a tracking system, a revolutionary tool. However, it is imperative that you choose a system from the large selection that suits your needs. You will be more efficient and competitive with a good ATS. Recruiting is becoming faster and more efficient as a trend. Companies can find professionals more easily by using big data. The Web is a powerful tool for recruiters to manage millions of data indexed on the Web. How they can attract talent and job candidates. It needs tools to make recruitment faster and more effective. Both parties are plagued by long and inefficient processes.

The talent community is glad to have you here

An ATS’s biggest drawback is that candidates cannot show interest in your organization unless they have an open position. You can provide candidates with a chance to join your talent community without them having to apply for any positions. In order to prepare for future job openings, your organization should start collecting engaged, interested applicants now.

Using your ATS in conjunction with a custom career site has more benefits than aesthetics. Enhancing your employment brand not only will help you reach more candidates, but it will also help you improve your applicant results. You will be able to hire more qualified candidates, which will help your business grow.

Brief overview

There is a lot of work involved in selecting an applicant tracking system that works. Therefore, you need to look into the consequences now so there aren’t any unpleasant surprises down the road.


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