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Are steel cabinet resistant to fire?

Although metal filing cabinets are not fireproof, there are fire-resistant solutions available when shopping for a metal storage cabinet that will assist keep your documents safe in the case of a fire.


Why are metal filing cabinets not fire-resistant?


Steel, a non-combustible material, is used to make various filing cabinets and lockable metal cabinets. Steel is also a good heat conductor. This means that if there is paper (a highly flammable material) within, it could quickly catch fire due to heat transmission to the cabinet’s interior.


Given this, there are fire-resistant alternatives available to safeguard your documents. Between the layers of the cabinet walls, most fire-resistant filing cabinets will have a layer of fireproof insulation. These layers reduce the rate at which internal temperatures rise, giving firefighters more time to put out the fire before the cabinet gets too hot. This extra time can be critical in assuring the safety of your key documents.


When purchasing a fireproof filing cabinet, keep the following in mind:


What level of protection does it provide?


The level of fire protection in storage cabinets will vary. It’s crucial to evaluate the heat levels it can withstand as well as how long it can last. Individual drawer protection is available in some cabinets, ensuring that if one is accidently left open, the others are unaffected.


The NT017- 60 fire protection standard (paper) provides 60 minutes of fire protection. Similarly, MTC-DIP120-60DM is the fire protection standard (digital media), which provides 60 minutes of fire protection for digital media such as USB memory sticks and hard drives. Check that products meet these requirements to ensure the best possible protection.


Are the seals water-resistant?


It’s also critical that your steel cabinet be water-resistant. Look for water-resistant seals that assist prevent water damage, so your documents stay secure and dry even if sprinklers are activated during a fire.


What is the Best Way to Store Flammable Materials?


You might also be asking how to store combustible goods safely. A COSHH cabinet, for example, is designed to meet the standards of the Health and Safety Executive Guide HSG51 and DSEAR 2002 for the safe storage of hazardous compounds in the workplace. Hazardous substances must be kept out of the workplace because they might be harmful to one’s health.


To secure their contents, flammable storage cabinets will contain a variety of features. This could incorporate fire-resistant steel walls, vents, and flame arresters, as well as insulating air space and a design that can endure the first minutes of fire exposure. It’s also crucial that your flammable storage cabinet has a visible flammable label, since this will guarantee that everyone in the office is aware of its potentially hazardous contents.


Are you in need of a metal storage cabinet?


Whether you need a metal storage cabinet to preserve your records and assets or a COSHH cabinet to properly store hazardous goods, Manutan provides a wide selection of protective cabinets to meet your demands.



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