10 Best Node.js Development Security Best Practices

When it comes to an online development project open-source technology is the most popular choice for businesses. According to research, 76% of the people in 2021 have used open-source technologies in their projects. However, cyberattacks and security remain the main worries. Node.js development is one of the technologies that all …

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Web App Development in 2022: What You Need to Know

Web App Development

To understand what web app development is, it’s best to start with the definition of a web app. Unlike website development, which focuses on creating interlinked web pages for a single domain name, web app development builds interactive pages that are stored on the internet where anyone can access them with a …

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Software Development Trends

The current pandemic has made it more difficult for software development trends to change rapidly. What may seem to be a good practice in software development might not be in the near future. In 2022, the rapid digitization trend that started in 2020 will continue. There is more investment in …

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