URBN Dental easily offers highly recommended treatment for Invisalign Houston. With this cutting edge technology, we aim to revolutionize the appearance and straightening of teeth.

When Do You Need to See a Periodontist Near Me?

What is the difference between a periodontist and a dentist? It’s not as simple as you might think, and chances are, your dentist may not be able to handle all your dental needs. Here’s how to tell if you need to see a periodontist near me, what services they provide, …

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What would you look like with straight teeth?

Would you look better with straight teeth? Take our quiz to find out! Then, see our before and after pictures of actual patients who’ve had their teeth straightened with Invisalign to help inspire your own smile makeover. And find out how you can get started in only 10 minutes! invisalign …

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Do the holes go away after wisdom teeth?

We’ve all heard that it’s important to have our wisdom teeth removed before they grow in, lest they get infected or even worse, cause an obstruction of food or another tooth. But what if you’ve already had them removed? Can the holes left behind after your wisdom teeth holes heal …

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The Cheaper Version of Veneers

Looking to get dental veeners near me but don’t have the money for the procedure? Luckily, you have plenty of options when it comes to getting your veneers done on the cheap. Here are the three most common ways to get the look of beautiful, natural-looking teeth without breaking the …

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7 Reasons to Get Root Canal Treatment

emergency root canal

Root canal treatment (also known as endodontic treatment) is an important part of maintaining the health of your smile! If you’re at all familiar with root canals, then you know they aren’t exactly the most pleasant dental procedure out there. But it turns out that root canals are actually good …

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Emergency Root Canal What You Need to Know

metlife dental providers

Needing to go to the dentist on the weekend doesn’t seem like much of an emergency, but it can be if you have an abscessed tooth that’s causing you pain and spreading infection into your jawbone or facial tissue. Many people know they have an abscessed tooth, but they don’t …

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What to Expect in a Root Canal

When your dentist suggests that you get a how long to do root canal , it might not be the welcome news you were hoping for. But having a tooth extracted isn’t the only way to deal with this common dental issue—you can also choose to have it treated with …

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How Much Do Veneers Cost Near Me?

porcelain veneers

After years of careful consideration, you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and get your smile back on track with some shiny new veneers near me. You’ve seen the before-and-after pictures and you’re ready to give them a try, but you have questions about how much do veneers cost near …

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