What is the scope of the lab technician job in India?

lab technician jobs

Medical Laboratory Technology a.k.a medical laboratory science helps identify, treat and prevent illness through medical laboratory examinations. It is harmonizing with the medical discipline. It includes an examination of body matter such as liquid, flesh, and blood. It also covers micro-organism assessment, chemical examines, and cell count. These experts, medical …

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How to build a profession in Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a conventional system of normal and all-inclusive medication that has its origins in olden India. Ayurveda was acknowledged by WHO (World Health Organization) in 1976 and its goal is to reinstate the steadiness between mind, body, and spirit and aid people live fit lives. In the past few …

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How must one survive the first year as a Nurse?

You ensured it! You endured nursing college, you crammed persistently to qualify for the nursing exams, you shone during your consultation and tomorrow is your first day as a nurse! What do you ensure? How are you believing? What must you be feeling? No necessity to worry, we’ve got you …

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