Food Safety Risks at Supermarkets


Food Safety Risks at Supermarkets Food safety is a cumulative process involving multiple stakeholders. From harvest to production, shipping and cold storage, order fulfillment and delivery, food preparation and handling, grocery retailers rely on food safety best practices across a wide range of disciplines. Food shipments can proceed through up …

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Facts About Honey Tea

honey tea

Honey tea is a tea made by sweetening and injecting honey. There are many types of honey and many types of tea. The possibilities for brewing the perfect honey tea are almost endless. Ancient use of honey Honey’s healing power is not a secret. It is said that it was …

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Facts About Saffron Tea


Saffron tea is made from saffron, a spice derived from the flowers of the crocus satibus plant, commonly referred to as saffron crocus. This plant was originally cultivated in Greece and is also native to Southwest Asia. The plant grows to a height of 20-30 cm and can bear about …

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Energy Tea

Pouring Tea

Why is it better to drink tea for energy than a cup of coffee? Both cups look similar, but coffee caffeine is different from tea caffeine, so it’s not a true comparison of apples to apples. Caffeine tea increases the energy required to spend a long day and offers many …

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Matcha Tea


About Matcha Tea Green tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It offers a variety of potential health benefits, including: B. Improves heart health and reduces sun damage to the skin. A special type of green tea. The bright green powder of matcha is a pure …

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Providore Saviya

Providore “Saviya” and Rotary Club of Colombo launch two new initiatives for underprivileged communities. Curfew/lockdown last year was difficult for many of us. Although many vendors started to sell their goods online. There were inherent issues with technology, infrastructure, quality of products, regular supply and most importantly, safetly. It was …

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