Olivia Taylor

A techno-geek, Olivia started working as a writer back in early 2000's and then has worked in various editorial capacities at a number of national technology publications. Olivia Taylor is a professional writer and blogger has many years of experience in these respective fields. She loves spending her time in doing research specially health, pregnancy care, stem cell banking, baby's cord blood banking and other different topics and thus she prefers sharing her innovative ideas with her readers through writing articles and blogs.

Tongue-Tie in Babies—A Handy Guide

tongue tie in babies

Medically known as ankyloglossia, tongue-tie is when an unusually short band of tissue known as the lingual frenulum ties the tongue’s bottom to the floor of the mouth. It is a common condition among infants. If your baby has this condition then the movement of their tongue will be limited. …

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