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Bath Bomb Boxes in ideal packaging

When ideal packaging comes to mind the first thing that comes to mind is reasonable, moderate appealing, and traffic and revenue generate packaging. Yes, now the traders can get all of these from one platform that is known as OXO packaging. In 2022, it has been observing that people love to decorate their bathrooms.  Bath bombs are the best

It’s time to Increase traffic!

Though bath bomb is in high demand there is no doubt at all that only appealing packaging catches the eyeballs of the customers. Bath Bomb Boxes that are developing here are not only rich in quality but assure our manufactured bath bomb packaging will increase your sale and will take your product to that level that you cannot even imagine.

Mailer boxes in natural packaging

As has been discusse above people love to enjoy bath bombs not only to decorate their bathrooms but they love to use them while taking shower to give an aroma to their body. As the product is in high demand, So, by keeping this in mind, we give the idea of cardboard and Kraft packaging boxes instead of artificial packaging. 

Origin of packaging

Both these packaging solutions are driven from trees and forests which is why these are not only rich in quality but chemical-free as well. Yes, these packaging solutions do not require any extra substance to make the quality refined. Let’s have look at some of the features of cardboard and Kraft that force us to make it the first choice for Bath bomb packaging.

The choice is yours!

These are sustainable packaging solutions, when people use bath bombs they get when and damage as well if the packaging box is not durable but we give 100% guarantee that our manufacture cardboard and Kraft bath bomb packaging boxes will be long lasting.

chemical-free packaging materials are always recyclable. That is why the first priority of our company is always natural packaging material for bath bomb packaging. We are very well aware of the fact that most of the time bath bombs are in moderate packaging and people love to re-use these packaging boxes


The best thing about these packaging boxes is that they are biodegradable and do not harm the product. Yes, in fact, most of the time it is said that cardboard and Kraft is an absolute packaging solution to increase the life of the product

There is no doubt at all that natural packaging materials are brown. But the best thing about these packaging materials is the color of the cardboard and Kraft can be change according to the flavor of the bath bomb. Mint green and strawberry red can be done without any restriction

These are lightweight packaging materials. So, now the buyers can hang their custom bath bomb packaging boxes anywhere in the bathroom

Mailer boxes with customization

Oxo packaging is very well aware of the fact that if mailer packaging boxes of bath bombs will be customize then only buyers will be attracted to the Product. So, by keeping this in mind, we always suggest our dear clients go with custom bath bomb boxes. 

Bundle of designs and sizes

Custom packaging is developing on special requests and it is always different and has the ability to catch the attention of the buyer in no time. In addition to this, the customized Mailer Boxes of bath bombs help the traders to make their products stand first in the competitive environment. Bath bomb mailer packaging boxes that are developing here are in different sizes like a window, section, rigid and so many others. 

Printed mailer boxes

Bath bomb mailer packaging boxes are print as well . Because when printed packaging boxes go for shipping. The buyers look at the boxes and come to know about the company. 

What do we print?

Not only product details but also information about the company is also imprinting with 3D and UV printing. In addition to this stylish logo. The company name is also embosses with not typical silver or golden color printing but metallic color printing is use.

What is the outcome?

It makes the product classifiable

communicate with buyers

finish the need for publicity

Reasonable mailer packaging

Though an absolute packaging solution is the desire of each bath bomb manufacturer company . They Can also be no doubt at all that product owners demand reasonable packaging as well. 

The idea of the bulk order

On bulk orders of Mailer Boxes, not only wholesale rate is given but also free shipping at the doorstep of the trader is also given. In addition to this, we have a turnover rate as well. A damaged piece of customized mailer bath bomb packaging box is replace with a new one without any extra charges.

Mailer packaging with no minimum

The best facility that Oxo gives is, a small bath bomb manufacturer. Can also get their desire packaging solution without any restriction. We do not restrict our dear clients on the size of the order. Custom bath bomb mailer packaging boxes is give with no minimum as well. No minimum does not only save the packaging cost but is the best way to increase business as well. 

Order us online!

Oxo is well aware of this fact. That bath bomb trader is unable to get time to visit the packaging companies. Time and again to select moderate packaging solutions. Not only an online facility through the web or phone call has been introducing. But also a live chat option is also available.  Our social media platforms are also playing a key role and giving services 24/7 to make the customers satisfying. 

Stay in contact with us to get an absolute packaging solution!

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