Be wise when selecting the right floor tiles for your restaurant’s kitchen

Being very practical and selective is important when you are choosing floor tiles for your restaurant’s kitchen. Because unlike your wall paint and other decorative items, your floor is something that you don’t change often, and you have to bear it for ages. So, whether you are installing good-looking attractive tiles on your floor or just going for the plain boring ones, you will have to see it for some five to six years (at least) in the future. So, why not pick the ones that are really attractive and functional and enhance the beauty of your commercial kitchen as well?

Top things to consider when choosing the ideal floor tiles for your restaurant’s kitchen

Tiles in a restaurant’s kitchen have the power to uplift the beauty and presentation of this space. But there are a lot more other things to think about when selecting these. Also, the workers you call from GIB Profixing for tiling in Hamilton should do their job very well. As they are really good at their work, you just have to provide suitable tiles and they will do a great job in your kitchen. And for all the other things listed below, take a look.

  • The number of tiles you require

First of all, you should decide upon the number of tiles you will require for the entire kitchen space. Normally, the commercial kitchens are wider and larger than the residential ones and that is why even the tiles required are more. You can either go for larger tiles which will obviously cover up more space and you will need them less, or you can simply opt for the smaller ones for a design effect.

  • The grout area

If you are selecting larger tiles, you will require lesser grout space. And that is what we recommend for a restaurant’s kitchen. Because if there are more grout spaces, since it is going to be a very busy space, you will get lots of dirt and food particles settled on this grout area which will ultimately demand more cleaning.

  • Easy to maintain

It goes without saying that a restaurant’s kitchen is the busiest space in the entire place. That is why constant cleaning over here is required. But again, if you are installing tiles that are actually stark white in color and require constant rubbing because of stains and other stuff or made of delicate material (and you have to be scared of spills and stain), you know this is mission impossible. That is why we recommend you pick up tiles that are of darker shades and patterns and something that is very easy to maintain and clean.

  • Anti-slip tiles

Going for anti-slip tiles is very important in a restaurant’s kitchen space. Because you know there would be constant traffic in this area and lots of spills as well.

  • Resistance to chemical cleaning

Most of the time you have to use harsh chemicals and disinfectants to keep your restaurant’s kitchen safe and sanitized and totally clean. But sometimes tiles can’t bear all these chemicals and tend to get spoilt very fast. So, you have to pick up the ones which can bear all these chemicals and disinfectants and still stay intact.

Now the next time you are out and about to get the ideal tiles for your restaurant’s kitchen, you know what all to factor in – an informed buyer is always the best,

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