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If you invest in other components such as the GPU and then combining it with an unreliable CPU will limit its performance. GPU which will impact the performance of the PC.

Because of this, CPUs are the subject of lots of attention when buying gaming computers. In reality, it’s the first aspect that gamers will look at prior to deciding on their preferred gaming equipment.

But, selecting the most efficient gaming processor isn’t a walk through the woods. There are a lot of choices to pick from If you’re not aware of new developments on markets, then things can get more difficult. It’s no wonder that the market for CPUs changes constantly which makes it difficult to choose the best processor for your gaming needs.

As experts in this area and having constructed thousands of gaming computers to meet the needs of clients with different requirements We’re the perfect choice to give you expert recommendations on the best CPU to fit your requirements for gaming and budget.

AMD Vs. Intel CPU for Gaming

There’s no better way to begin this discussion than the age-old issue of which one is superior in the battle between AMD Intel and AMD. Intel.

The most significant i5 2nd generation processor price Difference between these brands is that the processors only compatible with their respective motherboards. AMD processors can only be used with AMD motherboards as is true for Intel.

For a long time Intel has been the major manufacturer of CPUs. In recent times, AMD has ramped up its production and has released several excellent CPUs that are able to deliver in all areas. Check  online in India

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Intel retains the lead for single-core performance. However, AMD has become a formidable competitor in multi-core performance.

AMD launched their Zen architecture in 2017 that significantly reduced that gap in regards to single-core performance.

With regard to speed, it is a properly selected processor from either brand will provide excellent performance.

Both brands have proved to be extremely reliable over time and have high-quality RAM to ensure the highest performance. This is why the majority of gamers who are choosing between these brands don’t only focus on the performance in the raw of the CPU, but additionally on the cost of performance, or on their particular needs.


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It’s possible to find gamers who have a loyalty to one brand over one brand over the other. However, no matter which you pick, you can be sure that, when you take your time you’ll get roughly the same experience from each brand. Buy low price hynix 4gb ddr3 ram price online in India

Must-know CPU Specifications

If you’re buying for the first time or aren’t familiar with the terms that are employed in the gaming industry There are many terms that you need to be aware of that can assist you make the best decision. Some of the most frequently used terms include:

Labels for CPUs and Generations

The labels and generation of CPUs provide a wealth of useful information when you are aware of where to search. The two processors AMD or Intel have their own methods of naming their processors making the process of decoding them an essential element in deciding on the best processor.


AMD has a simpler way of labelling. Let’s consider the Ryzen series for example. The first number is related to the production of processor. The second number is the place of the processor within that particular series. This means that the 5600X is part of the Ryzen Generation 5000 which is the sixth in the Ryzen series. The higher the numbers, the more sophisticated and more powerful the processor.

There is a difference between processors like the 5800X comes with an Ryzen 7 tag, while the 5900X comes with the Ryzen 9.9 tag. The numbers aren’t important. They do, however, show the location of the processor.

All AMD processors beginning with five are an earlier generation than the ones that have 3. In this way, they’re faster, more sophisticated and usually have higher-quality technology.


Intel is a company with a similar name scheme. The first number indicates the generation and the second number identifies the location inside the.

Intel classifies its processors into different tiers similar to AMD making it easier to select the appropriate processor. As with AMD the more powerful the processor is, the more advanced the CPU .

Intel includes a suffix on its processors. The suffix signifies a specific feature or absence of it. The most commonly used letter suffixes found in the Intel range of processors are:



Once you’ve figured out the function and classification of your CPU based on its labels you will need to understand certain essential features and comprehend what they do to impact how your computer and the gaming experience.

Threads and cores – Each when you look at the specifications of the CPU, the first two listed are the cores and threads. Modern CPUs are equipped with multiple cores that can boost efficiency when dealing with many tasks. Threads are considered virtual CPUs. Each thread indicates the amount of tasks each core is able to handle. In contrast to cores, threads can only take on one task at a given time. They can however are able to switch between tasks at incredibly speed.

Clock speed Clock speeds are often called cycles. The expression refers to the number of cycles a processor can complete per second , and is expressed in megahertz. A clock speed of 4MHz means the cycle is 4 million cycles each second.

Overclocking – When shopping on the internet, you’ll see CPUs marked “Unlocked.” This means that they are able to reach speeds that are higher than the stock speed. However, it must be done properly or you could damage the CPU or other components in the gaming system.

Socket – The socket comes with the most basic description. It’s the physical mounting which holds the CPU in position on the motherboard. If you are purchasing the CPU on its own you should ensure whether the motherboard socket is compatible with your processor, and reverse.

It is common for different manufacturers (and different processor models) to have various sockets that are compatible with the processor or motherboard. For instance, the AMD Ryzen 7 series is an outstanding illustration. It is based on an AM4 socket, which isn’t compatible in conjunction with Intel LGA 1151 socket.

When buying a motherboard, you must also purchase processor simultaneously. We suggest choosing the processor first, then the motherboard that is compatible with it.

Chipsets – Chipsets play a major role when selecting the motherboard. They determine if certain of the functions on the processor are removed or not. The more advanced chipsets unlock features , including PCle lanes SATA ports and USB 3.1 ports as well as other ports. Similar to it’s socket, users will need to look up the specs of the hardware to find out which chipsets will work and what features they enable in the motherboard.

Hyperthreading – Hyperthreading is brand new technology that CPU makers created in the last few years. Typically, the threads of a CPU can only perform just one task at a. Hyperthreading, also known as Simultaneous Multi-Threading (SMT) transforms this thread into two threads as seen in the OS. This allows each thread to double its performance and accomplish two tasks simultaneously.

If you are using hardware for gaming only, it’s not recommended to enable threading. If you’re running other applications that require a lot of computational power, then this handy feature can be useful.

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