Best Found Tips to Embrace an Attic as an Active Space in your Home

Have you ever considered your attic as an active part of your home? We assume, no! But this space surely comes to your mind when you’re short of space. And believe us, your attic is the beautiful swan in the mask of an ugly duckling and can be very useful too. But there are certainly some challenges to overcome in order to turn it into a beautiful and functional space.

How to make your attic useful (and beautiful too!)?

Your attic can be used for a number of things. From creating a nice home office to turning it into your gym room, guest room, and even a library, you name it and it has the power to transform into all these spaces wonderfully. Just follow this guide and complete the steps to achieve this goal.

  • Open it up

For how many years was the window of your attic shut? We are sure the place is stinking badly. Open it up and ventilate the space. Clean the trash and get rid of the clutter. If you don’t have a light and fan installed in here, do that! Switch on the fan and let the fresh air rotate in the space clearing the suffocating feel.

  • No spider webs and dust layer

Just how many inches of dust can you see in this attic? And of course, it might be a new village owned by the spiders by now! Get rid of them now. Clean up the attic as if it’s your bedroom and clear everything out.

  • Time for a facelift

Facelifting is important if you really want your attic to look presentable and inviting. Call the best painters in Auckland from Auckland Premium Painters and start by beautifying the walls. After a fresh coat of pleasant paint done by these expert people, you can decorate the room as per its usage. If it’s going to be a gym, add those motivational posters on the wall. If it’s going to turn into a home office, keep a wall clock to remind you of the working hours, and if it’s a guest room, why don’t you just hang a pleasant “welcome” sticker on the wall? Even cleaning or covering the floor with a nice carpet is included in the uplifting process of this room.

  • Functional furniture

Your attic is definitely not that big. But you require furniture in this room for sure. So, do one thing! Get furniture that is more functional (rather than large). Like — a sofa cum bed with storage, a desk that’s foldable, and a table with some drawers and so on.

  • Add ons

For the add ons, your creativity is the limit. Get nice curtains to make this attic look fantastic, a floor rug for a comforting touch, nice wall stickers to beautify it more, lovely light fixtures, and so on!

Happy that your attic is finally coming to some use? This is definitely a nice little space in your home that should never be wasted. If nothing else, create it as a corner for some “me-time” with a recliner, some books, an entertainment unit, indoor plants, etc. 

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