Best IVF Center in Multan and Cost Of IVF

Infertility is becoming a problem world-wide with each passing day. In Pakistan, the rate of fertility is decreasing. As per United Nations World Population Prospects, the current fertility rate of Pakistan is 3.300 per woman which is 1.87% less than 2021. Therefore, more and more people are becoming aware of infertility issues and its treatment in Pakistan.

IVF provides hope to couples who are unable to conceive naturally. It is a type of assissted reproductive technology (ART). Due to its success rate, it is the most known procedure of achieving pregnancy through medical intervention.

IVF has come a long way since the birth of first IVF child Louise Brown. Since then, over 5 million babies have been born through IVF. In literal sense, IVF means in glass fertilisation. Also widely known as, test-tube baby. The process involves putting together eggs and sperm under optimal conditions so that the sperm can fertilise the eggs. The procedure takes place in IVF laboratories.

IVF Centres

The increase in infertility has lead to mushrooming of IVF Centres world-wide. All of them claim to have high-class facilities providing results in shortest time possible. Whereas, the truth is most of  them taking advantage of the patients and making money. These fake clinics drain the patients completely be it mentally, physically and financially. Therefore, many infertile couples lose faith in IVF, depriving themselves of parenthood thereby.

To choose an IVF Centre is a difficult task. The couple must do their research and make visits before choosing an IVF Clinic. The quality of an IVF centre depends upon its success rate. The best IVF centre will have all the standard facilities required for the treatment including, medical treatment, staff and proper hygeine.

IVF Centre in Pakistan

With rising infertility issues in Pakistan, a vast number of IVF centres are being established here. To determine which one is the best is quite a daunting task. Many of these centres are nothing but money making machines. Since 1998, Australian Concept’s IVF Centres are giving successful results in this regard. It has all the best equipemts and doctors required for the treatment.

Australian Concept IVF Centres, with proper hygeine and experienced staff, proviedes standard storage fcailities for freezing eggs and sperm. It has in-built laboratories along with qualified technicians. A number of fertility treatments are being offered at Australian Concept’s IVF Centre.

IVF Centre Multan

At Australian Concept’s Multan IVF Centre we are offering a number of infertility treatments. The staff and doctors at our IVF Centre are well-experienced and qualified. We have one of the best team of doctors at our IVF clinic, giving successful results since 1998. Many IVF centres claim to be the best but we have proved with our success rate that we are the best IVF centre in Pakistan. Now, the best IVF centre in Multan with state of the art facilities and individual counselling by the doctors.

The price offered by an IVF centre should never be a deciding factor in choosing an IVF centre. The quality and success of treatment should be given priority. Whether an IVF treatment is best should be determined through its success rate. The success rate at Australian Concept IVF Centre is one of the greatest in Pakistan. We offer best IVF treatment in Pakistan at competitive rates.

Cost Of IVF

IVF is a fairly pricey treatment. It can be financially and mentally draining. Besides, persons wanting to treat infertility must be aware of the fake clinics which just want money out of them. However, many clinics are offering packages and other financing options to their patients. Also, some organisations are present to help people deal with medical finances.

The cost of IVF varies depending upon the area and treatment recommended. Standard IVF cost in Pakistan is around Rs. 500,000/-. This cost of IVF in Pakistan is exclusive of assisted hatching, ICSI, and other genetic tests. There are no hidden costs. Patients are made aware of all the procedures they are investing their money in. If the patient’s condition is such that doctors recommend them ICSI or other tests then IVF cost can increase. Moreover, cost of IVF in Pakistan is comparatively less than foreign countries. Due to this, a number of foreigners have been treated successfully at Australian Concept’s IVF Clinic. This does not indicates that we do not offer efficient and quality treatment, the reality is the cost is less per cycle as compared to the cost offered abroad. Acknowledging the expensive IVF cost, the Australian Concept IVF Clinic offer a number of packages. Package customisation option is also available.

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