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Best Makeup Brands to Buy in 2022

The beauty industry is growing at a breakneck pace in the market, and so are the beauty gurus. With so much exposure to makeup products, the minds of fashion enthusiasts are flooded with a lot of options. Every day, a new makeup company comes up with an incredible range of products, as if the existing ones were not enough. And if not the new, the existing ones keep coming up with innovative products every week.

It makes the selection process of makeup a hassle for enthusiasts. Instead of scrolling hours and hours through the internet for the best products, here are the best makeup brands you can swear by in 2022.


When we talk about the best makeup brands, no one can be as good as Maybelline. The long-lasting and pigmented makeup is known for its affordability, which suits the pockets of everyone. Maybelline has always come up with products that stay for 12-24 hours and meet all skin tones. Thus, you will not have to worry about the versatility of the products.

Furthermore, besides the variety in foundations and concealers, the product range has always shown the variety in lip products too. It is known for coming up with an innovative shade every time, that too at affordable prices.



Talking about the next best brand, Nyx has always been on the top list. Incepted in 1999, Nyx has always come up with new formulas, breaking the stereotypes. From eyeshadows to lip colors, the brand has always focused on the pigmentation of the products. Thus, every product of the brand is immensely pigmented.

Among all the features of the brand, the size and packaging take the cake. You will never see gigantic eyeshade palettes or broad packaging of the concealers. Nyx has always made an easy-to-handle packaging so that you can travel with the products. From the “Can’t Stop won’t Stop Foundation” to the Professional Brow Pencil, everything can easily come in a pouch. Lastly, how can we forget the affordability of the brand? All the makeup products come under your budget.


When talking about makeup products, this one has to be on the list. Mac started as a luxurious brand and an all-time favorite of all the makeup artists. With its Studio Fix Range and Ruby Woo Lip color, it revamped the makeup industry in no time.

Since then, it kept on adding innovative products to its range which have always kept the customers delighted. It has always met the demands of all the hair and makeup artists in NYC and other areas. A lot of luxurious brands have entered the market recently, but no one can take away the charm, charisma, and loyalty Mac has. It is because, in a pretty decent range, Mac products suit every climate and skin type, unlike other brands.

Fenty Beauty

The founder of the brand, Rihanna, has always been known for bringing innovations to the industry. It seems like the star got bored with restricting her innovation to the red carpet only. Thus, the brand, Fenty Beauty is living proof of how desperately Rihanna wants innovations in every part of the world.

Fenty Beauty needed no marketing when it came into the industry. But it soon gained customer loyalty because of its amazing products. No one had seen a beautiful and super-blendable purple blush and lip color before. Moreover, no one had seen an eccentric electric blue lip color or 50 shades of foundations launching at the same time. Fenty Beauty broke all barriers in no time.



No matter how amazing the makeup brands are, they cannot beat the versatility and quality of the above-mentioned brands. If you want to fill in your makeup bag in no time, get your hands on the above makeup brands and make the best makeup collection in no time.

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