MS in Marketing Schools
MS in Marketing Schools

Best MS in Marketing Schools in Europe for Indian students

MS in marketing is now the most demanded degree in business studies. Yes, it is even more popular than MBAs and finance masters. In current times, marketing has become very involved with management Plus, the need for marketing principles are demanded in every sector. Take products and services as an example. In the current market, everyone aims to offer their services on a global platform. For this, they need various marketing techniques.

It has now been more than just a priority to facilitate marketing professionals. Because of tech and development, the need for marketing applications will only increase. If you are torn between specialization in business and management, consider an MS in Marketing program from a top university abroad.

MS in Marketing in Europe

Since the start, European business schools have been a leading name in marketing masters. Since the degree is mainly related to middle-management-and-above marketing positions, Europe is a prominent name to be better in these kinds of courses. European b schools are already famous for offering management designated courses on different lines.

Pair it with one of the top business sectors, and you get yourself the best place to pursue this degree. Out of the top #10 schools with MS in marketing, 9 are located in Europe. Also, the master’s requires specialized education to make it work. Countries like the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy are already known to offer these elements.

Why MS in Marketing for Indian Students?

The subject is already so much connected to India. Due to our country being such a big economy, setting up a promising career in marketing can be beneficial. Countless international organizations are looking to launch their product and service here. You can work in those MNCs as a representative or lead a branch here. The options are too many; you just need to find your path.

Besides, Indian students are already familiar with marketing. Maybe not on an industrial level, but we all grew up in a society where everything was presented as gold to attract consumers. The goal of marketing is to facilitate upper-level marketing operations that are concerned with business and management.

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Best MS in Marketing Schools in Europe

Business schools in Europe are known for their calibre and specialized education system. You will generally find one-year MS in marketing courses from top b schools in Europe. These courses are super fast that directly begin with the specializations. It gives you access to a paced curriculum and more time in your industrial roles.

The European business industry is more than capable of offering you top career opportunities in marketing and management. Therefore, you will mostly find management integrated marketing programs in European business schools.

Here are the best MS in Marketing schools in Europe for Indian students:

Rank Institute Program
1 HEC Paris MSc Marketing
3 Imperial College Business School MSc Strategic Marketing
4 ESSEC Business School MSc Marketing Management & Digital (MMD)
5 ESCP Business School MSc Marketing & Creativity
6 Esade Business School MSc Marketing Management
7 Warwick Business School MSc Marketing & Strategy
8 EMLyon Business School MSc International Marketing & Business Development
9 EDHEC Business School MSc Marketing Management
10 WU Vienna University MSc Marketing
11 SKEMA Business School MS/MSc in Marketing


Many of the names mentioned are already top business schools globally. Having a master of science degree in marketing from top European b schools is undoubtedly impressive. It’s also one of the most relevant degrees in the modern economy. By the looks of current development, it seems it’s going to be even more relevant.

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