Best Places to Visit in Morocco

Best Places to Visit in Morocco

Travelling can mean different things to everyone. Some love to travel to explore, some travel to relax, while some do it to have fun and make the best memories of their lives. Well, Morocco is a place that is one of the best places to be adventurous, have lots of fun, explore beautiful tourist attractions, and quiet places away from the city life’s hustle. From the beautiful, long-spread deserts to museums that take people back to the time, Morocco is a perfect destination for a family vacation.

Bringing your kids along to this beautiful city is the best decision you can make. They will not only enjoy but also learn a lot about the city and life in general. This is why we recommend you to plan your trip to this beauty with Southwest Book a Flight and make all your reservations in advice.

Along with that, to make your planning process easier, we have jotted down a list of the top 8 places you must not miss when you are in Morocco. Read this article till the end to know why you must visit every place mentioned in this list.

Morocco is mainly about the history and aesthetic vibe it has, wherever you go. Meknes is no less. This place is all about ancient architecture and the very famous 9th-century medina here. This is, in fact, one of the main reasons why Meknes tops the list of tourist destinations in Morocco. Meknes is also known as “The city of a Hundred Minaret” because of the “n” number of minars. The city has a lot of mosques, monuments, pavilions, and palaces. The city is about the glory it has been holding on to for decades. This is what makes it different from any other city in Morocco.

  • Marrakech : Morocco

Located near the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech is yet another most visited tourist destination in Morocco. If you are looking for the best place to shop your heart out while you are on a trip to this city, you can explore the bazaars and the souks where various shops and stalls are lined. Locals and tourists can buy gifts for their loved ones, purchase luxurious brands or shop locally. Along with that, the city also offers some of the most delicious, finger-licking dishes from their regional cuisines. Don’t forget to give your taste buds a satisfactory feel when in Marrakech.

  • Chefchaouen: Morocco

Chefchaouen is the most beautiful and gorgeous city that attracts tourists. The backdrop of this place makes it perfect for capturing some of the Instagram-worthy pictures for your family vacation to Morocco. The city is globally known as the “Blue Pearl” because no matter which corner of the city you are exploring, everything here is in the shade of blue. Along with that, the city is also famous for the cute little cafes serving freshly baked goods, restaurants serving hot steaming delights from the local cuisine, and souk to shop from.

  • Rabat

Rabat is the capital city of Morocco and is also one of the top tourist destinations. People looking for beach vacations in the country must visit Rabat. There are a few specific reasons why locals, as well as tourists, love to explore this city. One of the main reasons is the perfect weather. It is very rare that the city faces bad weather where people will have to lock themselves inside their houses. Also, the new area where many amazing cafes are baking fresh bread, cakes, and other baked goods is something one must definitely try when in Rabat.

  • Asilah: Morocco

Another tourist attraction for beach lovers visiting Morocco is Asilah. This city is known for the best beaches and resorts in the country. The best time to come to Asilah and explore it to its best is the summer season. When the windy air passes through your hair, waves hit the rocks, and the golden sand sparkles, Asilah becomes more glorious than ever. If by any chance you plan your trip in August, then you will be lucky enough to attend one of the biggest Art Festivals in the city.

  • Essaouira: Morocco

Essaouira has been in existence since the 18th century. Since then, it has been known as the best beach destination in Morocco. Most of the houses here are white-washed with a hint of blue, which makes the entire city prettier than others. If you want to try your hands on some new activities, you can go for kitesurfing and windsurfing provided in different parts of the city. The city is also very famous for the craftsmanship it displays. An amazing fact about this city is the third season of Games of Thrones was shot in this city only. So all the GOT fans must visit Essaouira once.

  • Fez

Fez, also known as Fes, is one of the oldest cities in Morocco that came into existence in 789. The city was the capital of Morocco for the longest time and is still considered one of the places everyone visiting Morocco must explore. Over the years, the city started losing its glory and beauty. However, the government is working really hard to regain the original Fes el Bali. A surprising fact about this cover-populated city with over 1,50,000 inhabitants is that this is the most carfree urban city in the entire world.

  • High Atlas

The highest mountain range in North America in the High Atlas. For people who love adventure and thrill in their life, this place is a little heaven on Earth. You can trek on some of the best trails you will find anywhere in the country. The best time of the year to explore this place is between spring to autumn. The highlight of this place is the Toubkal national park which has the highest peak in the world, Jbel Toubkal. Soak in the calmness, beauty, and mountains touching the sky while you are here, and you would never want to go back to your home.

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Going on a vacation to a place that has a lot to offer can be very exciting. So before your excitement level comes down, make your booking to Morocco right away with Southwest Airlines Flights and have the best time of your life with your family. Check out their vacation packages to book flights, hotels, and rentals all at one place.

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