Best Places to Visit in the USA by Month
Best Places to Visit in the USA by Month

Best Places to Visit in the USA by Month

Start making plans for your 2022 vacation in the best cities of the USA. The country is too big to explore, and each town has a lot to offer. This is why we have bought you a list of the USA cities to explore every month. Keeping in check the weather, seasonal festivals, and a lot more, we have made this list for you so that you can explore each city to its best and experience them when they are at their best. Along with that, we also recommend you to make all your reservations in advance from Frontier Airlines Book a flight. This will help you save time and focus on all the fun and adventure you are about to encounter in 2022.

There is no better place in the US than Southern California to begin your travel adventure with. Start your new year in this wellness capital city and have the best time. You can experience amazing spa days, clean-ups, and relaxing massages at some of the best places in the city. If spas are not your thing, head to Los Angeles and explore the area, visit Orange County and relax by the beaches, and take a walk on the streets of San Diego.

  • February: Colorado 

When the weather is chilly and snow cover the city, there is nothing better than skiing. Colorado is worldwide famous for some of the best ski resorts in the entire country. Something that not many people are aware of about this place is that along with the normal ski lift; they also have heli-ski. Heli-ski is when you are dropped from a helicopter in Telluride. Other places to have fun in the snow are Steamboat Springs, where you can take a deep in the hot springs and do ice-climbing in Dunton Hot Springs.

  • March: Charleston And The Lowcountry: USA

Even though Charleston is a city that is ideal for visiting during  month and any season, we recommend you to go there in March. This is when the locals organize the Wine and Food Festival every year. When the spring air hits your face while you enjoy some of the most delicious dishes and wine from the city, it makes you not want to go back home. You can head to Savannah, the Lowcountry coast, and Golden Isles to encounter the season at its best.

  • April: Washington Dc

When the spring is at its peak, Washington DC, on your way to the Southern parts of the country, is a must-stop spot. Along with all the history and historical sites the city offers, there is one more reason to come here in April. The beautiful, gorgeous cherry blossoms hugging the town are worth everything. Tidal Basin is at its most magnificent self during this season when over 3000 cherry blossoms smile at you.

  • May: Southern Utah : USA

If you want to spend some time close to nature, away from the busy city life, visit Southern Utah in the US. You get to explore five different geographical wonderlands in a small area and take a road trip by these lands. When the spring season is bout to get over, the sun shines bright during the day, and there are chills in the air at night, making it perfect for every type of person traveling here. You can explore different caves, canyons, and much more when you are with your family and friends.

  • June: The West Coast :USA

The best place to take road trips in the US is the west coast. It is best to visit here in June because the weather is great and also you can avoid the madness of the streets in the US on the 4th of July when they’re visiting their families for fun barbeque and baseball matches. In this part of North America, you can see San Diego to spend some time in the sun, Oregon for the best forest bathe and wander Seattle streets. This time of the year is also best to take a ride to Vancouver when it is least raining there.

  • July: Acadia National Park And Mount Desert Island

Acadia National Park holds a huge part of Mount Desert Island. This place is perfect for having a fun time with your family by the beaches, where waves hit the huge rocks, sun rays dance on the water, and the calmness is spread in the forest. Along with that, you also get to taste the most finger-licking lobster rolls from the various street-side stalls and Bar Harbor.

  • August: Alaska : USA

The city is a bit rainier at this tie of the year, but due to less crowd, you get to explore the place at a much lower price. In Denali National Park in Alaska, you get to see wolves, caribou, bears, and golden eagle in August. Along with that, you can also taste some of the best blueberries at Alyeska Berry Festival.

  • September: New Mexico

As soon as the monsoons bit goodbye, New Mexico gets enchanted with calmness, fresh, natural surroundings, and clear skies. The best places to tour here are Santa Fe in the North, Albuquerque in the Southwest, and Taos. New Mexico has many places to be when you visit here for the first time with your family.

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  • October: New England

When the cool breeze hits you, and fewer people are in the national parks and colorful sky, it is what makes a perfect vacation. The place has a lot to offer, with several tourist sites and national parks. The highlights here are Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. You can also stay at some of the most luxurious hotels here in New England.

  • November: Las Vegas

Home to some of the most famous artists, including Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars, this city is the best entertainment on your vacation. You can book tickets for some of the best shows by these artists and nay strip shows; the town is most famous for. To explore the best outsides, head to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

  • December: Miami :USA

If you are a party animal, there is no better place to spend your holidays in the US than Miami. Why we recommend you to visit Miami in December because this is the time when a Swiss-born contemporary art fair reaches the city. You can buy the artworks of some of the most famous international artists at these fairs. In addition to that, locals call it Art Week because the shows and displays are set up everywhere in the city inducing Miami Beach.

The US is a perfect place to visit, no matter when you are planning your vacation. Different cities have different beauties and adventures to offer at every time of the year. So if you are also excited about your 2022 holiday plans, make sure you make all your bookings from Southwest Book a Flight option on their website to get the best services at affordable rates.

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