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Best Pre School in Jaipur

A very new concept of engaging, rather I should say the initial idea to engage toddlers in learning simultaneously. Now Pre School has become the necessity of this period. Most parents are in-service class, And they are too busy that they neither spend quality time with their children nor make them learn anything. Pre-school provides exposure that helps a child develop emotionally, physically, and mentally, which is an integral part of their teaching. 

Pre- School is a blessing for such parents. Somehow preschools share the burden of nourishment of a child with their parents. It will help toddlers learn and grow while promoting emotional and social development. It is the time when Preschool has become a second home for kids. Preschools maintain an environment that helps them learn to cope outside the house and in peer groups. And their teacher gives good care to the toddlers. Selecting a Preschool in Jaipur for your toddler can be a daunting task and takes lots of study and research. Though there are many Preschools in Jaipur, and all are good, you have to select the best Pre- School among them according to your child’s requirements. VSI International School can fulfill all your criteria for Best Pre-School in Jaipur.

Outline of VSI International Best Pre-School

VSI Pre-School is one of the old schools with modern amenities and quality teaching. It aims to serve people by educating them and preparing responsible citizens for the country. The school has a large no. of students. It is located at the education hub of Jaipur Pratap Nagar, Sanganer Jaipur, Rajasthan. Also, it is surrounded by a healthy and green environment with 24*7 CCTV cameras and security. The school is designed to give a homely look to toddlers. It has colorful paintings on the walls and lots of play equipment.

VSI International has the Qualities to be Considered the Best Pre- School

Hygienic Environment 

VSI preschool in Jaipur is the best example of its healthy and hygienic environment. Also, the surrounding and the atmosphere of the playschool is on the height of hygiene. The play school’s environment and atmosphere are clean. The school management believes that sanitation and hygiene are essential because children spend a lot of time at school.

Soft Spoken and Trained Facilitators

VSI preschool in Jaipur hires trained and soft-speaking facilitators. It believes a significant portion of day time a child spends in school, And Preschool is home away from home for a child. A small change in how a teacher conducts themselves, their speech, movement, and treatment of students can significantly impact the behavior of children. The best soft-spoken approach for VSI preschool teachers is to encourage listening and following instructions.

Classrooms Decorated with Animated Paintings

It is well-known that color affects children’s bodies, minds, and emotions. Different colors have different impacts on the mind. Colors keep children attracted. That’s why the management of VSI Pre-School gives importance to colorful classroom themes. And children need to spend their time in the areas that blister their creativity and powerful imagination.

Plenty of Block-Building Games and Toys

Block building games and toys prove very useful to keep kids engaged healthily. The aim of Preschool in Jaipur is not only to care for toddlers but to educate them as well building games and toys that are useful in developing vocabulary and improving math skills in kids.

Rest Rooms for Kids

The Age Group of Pre-School kids is 3 to 4 years old. So they are not much capable of learning the entire hours of the school schedule. They get to sleep at a time. Considering this, VSI has restrooms for toddlers to rest whenever they want.


VSI Pre-School, along with academics’ emphasis on their student’s physical activities, has a playground and has so many merry-go-rounds in it for playing and enjoying their students. 

Emphasis on Study with TLMs

Teaching-learning material is invented for this point of view that a child tends to learn more by seeing or touching things.VSI in Jaipur follows this point and has lots of TLMs for their kids, such as drawing black and green boards, sandpits, and flash Cards to identify letters, vegetables, colors, animals, and other things.

Few More Facilities

They also have access to safe and reliable transportation options, clean drinking water, clean toilets, and sound and clean toilets. It provides connectivity between all corners of Jaipur. Such qualities make VSI International different from other schools in the City.

VSI Pre-Schools Offers

  • Learning Programme based on dance and arts, sports, and outdoor activities.
  • Field trips 
  • Activities that encourage cognitive or intellectual skills
  • Focus on soft skills training.

Summary of the Blog

VSI is fully committed to the goal of perfection. It leaves no stone unturned. It prepares toddlers to enter format school and is designed to reduce separation anxiety in children by providing a safe environment, lots of attention, and the appropriate toys for their developmental stage. Their play is made fun and educational. Also, the children aren’t forced to do anything. They can have as many toys as they like. Each child receives individual attention, which also helps ensure their safety. All these qualities lead VSI Pre-School to the Best Preschool in Jaipur.

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