Remortgage service in London
Remortgage service in London

Best Re-Mortgage Deals 2021-UR Mortgage London

What does Remortgage mean?

Re-mortgaging implies moving your home loan to another moneylender while remaining in a similar property.

Let us better understand the term with an example, if your property value had risen by £75,000 and you’d like to take £40,000 of this amount to invest elsewhere, you could apply to add £40,000 to your current mortgage or apply to a lender – this is known as ‘re-mortgaging.

Well, re-mortgaging can help you have hundreds of pounds, but some things need to be considered before applying for it.

Why should one Remortgage?

At the point when you initially took out your home loan, you may have pursued a brilliant arrangement. Yet, over the long haul, the home loan market changes, and new accounts become accessible. This implies there may be an ideal arrangement accessible for you now, which could save you many pounds.

You will not need to change loan specialist.

Remortgage service in Hayes
Remortgage service in Hayes

Make sure to check if there are any courses of action or item expenses on any new home loans you’re taking a gander at. Also, in case you’re finishing your home loan bargain early, any early reimbursement charges from your current moneylender. 


These charges can add to the expense of re-mortgaging and might make re-mortgaging costlier than remaining on your present arrangement.

You can re-mortgage whenever. Be that as it may, if you’re not toward the finish of your fixed-rate term, you may need to pay an early reimbursement charge. 


The vast majority re-mortgage when they get to the furthest limit of their fixed-rate term, as this is the point at which your home loan may quit being a decent arrangement. 


All in all, how might you work out in case re-mortgaging is improving arrangement? 

Remortgage services-UR Mortgage London
Remortgage services-UR Mortgage London

In the models beneath, you can see the various sums you would pay altogether, over the decent period, each month, and in interest if you stayed with your unique arrangement or moved to one of the two re-mortgaging choices.

Both choice one and alternative 2 set aside your cash contrasted with staying with your unique arrangement. Be that as it may, the game plan charge on alternative 2 makes it costlier than choice 1. Likewise, if you change your home loan before the finish of your agreement, you may need to pay an expense (called an ‘early reimbursement charge’).

The complete expense for credit depends on any home loan-related charges and re-mortgage services in London being paid forthright and not added to the home loan. Home loan-related costs can differ among suppliers and make your reimbursements more extraordinary if you add them to the advance. The expense over the arrangement time frame depends on the underlying rate continuing as before throughout that time and accepts that it will be returned to the moneylender’s standard inversion rate or SVR of 6%. The number cruncher is for a reimbursement contract where interest is determined month to month. The outcomes apply to an everyday guarantee where just a single installment is made each month. The figures cited have been adjusted.

Check the money that needs to pay:

Before you switch, make sure to look at the expenses.

A few moneylenders may offer expense-free arrangements to entice you, yet if they don’t, you’ll have fair valuation and organization expenses to pay.

You can utilize the Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APRC) to assist you with contrasting arrangements.

The APRC is a method of ascertaining financing costs fusing some home loan-related charges in the estimation, giving you an approach to analyzing contract bargains.

What may resemble a cash saving arrangement could wind up losing you cash on the off chance that you don’t do your totals first. Lessening your advance to-worth to improve the rate.



UR Mortgage remortgage services
UR Mortgage remortgage services

Each home loan bargain restricts the amount you can acquire when contrasted and the property’s current worth.

This is displayed as a rate and is known as the ‘credit to-esteem.’

At the point when you re-mortgage service in London, the lower the credit to-esteem you need, the more arrangements that may be accessible to you – which ought to get you less expensive home loan bargains.

How to calculate the loan to value for your property?

  1. Separation your remarkable home loan sum by your property’s present worth.
  2. Increase the outcome by 100.


  • Your exceptional home loan is £150,000
  • Your loan specialist thinks your property is worth £200,000
  • 150,000 separated by 200,000 = 0.75
  • 0.75 x 100 = 75 – so your advance to-esteem is 75%.

Make sure to look at related charges and expenses.

 mortgage calculator
How to calculate the loan to value for your property?

Your lender’s valuation

When you apply for a home loan, the moneylender’s valuation may include checking the outside of the property from the road.

On the off chance that you think the valuation is excessively low for your re-mortgage services in Hayes or re-mortgage services in London– and you’re missing out on a prime rate subsequently – request that the moneylender rethink.

Re-mortgaging to get a better interest rate
Re-mortgaging to get a better interest rate

To help your case, you could give proof of the deal cost of a couple of comparative properties in your space and, if significant, list the expense of any home upgrades you’ve completed.

Re-mortgaging to get a better interest rate

At the point when you take out another home loan, you typically get a basic arrangement.

It’s most probable a low fixed or limited rate or a low tracker rate for the initial not many long periods of your home loan.

Starting arrangements usually keep going for somewhere in the range of two and five years.

When the arrangement closes, you’ll likely be moved onto your moneylender’s standard variable rate for your re-mortgage services in Hayes, which will, for the most part, be higher than different rates you could get somewhere else.

So when your introductory period closes, investigate the market to check whether changing to another home loan arrangement will set aside your cash.

On the off chance that you have a modest quantity passed on to take care of your home loan, the reserve funds from exchanging may be too low even to consider making it beneficial.

Re-mortgaging for more flexibility

Re-mortgaging might also help you get a more flexible arrangement – for instance, assuming you need to overpay.

Or on the other hand, possibly you need to change to an offset or current record contract, where you utilize your investment funds to diminish the measure of revenue you pay forever or for a brief time – and have the alternative to move your investment funds back if you need them.

Re-mortgaging to solidify debt

If you have a great deal of obligation, you may be enticed to get some additional cash and use it to take care of your different obligations.

Even though financing costs on contracts usually are lower than rates on close-to-home advances – and much lower than Master-cards – you may wind up paying more in general if the credit is over a more extended term.

Get expert guidance:

Taking guidance from a certified master offers you additional assistance since, in such a case that the home loan ends up being unsatisfactory, you can whine to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

If you decide to go down the ‘execution-just course (where you settle on choices alone without guidance), there will be fewer conditions where you can gripe to FOS.

We at UR Mortgage are a team of professionals with years of experience in mortgage services and will be happy to assist you through the re-mortgage services in Hayes & re-mortgage services in London.









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