Best way to Convert NSF to PST – Complete Guide

IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook are both popular email client applications. IBM Notes uses the NSF data storage file format while MS Outlook stores information into PST files. However, Lotus Notes users may need to convert NSF to PST for Outlook.

If you are one of those people who are looking for Lotus Notes to Outlook migration, then this write-up will guide you step by step on how to convert NSF to PST. With this write-up, you will learn two possible solutions, the free (manual) method and an automated NSF to PST converter solution. Then, you can choose any as per your necessity. However, using an automated software solution for data conversion is consistently recommended.

Before we move on to know how to convert NSF to PST, let’s have a look first at some of the reasons behind NSF to PST conversion.

Reasons behind converting NSF file to PST file format:

  • It is necessary to convert NSF to PST when the user wants to migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook. MS Outlook does not allow the export and access of the NSF file format directly.
  • One of the reasons for many users is that IBM Lotus Notes is a bit harder to operate than Microsoft Outlook. Outlook email client application is also quite good economically compared to Lotus Notes.
  • Some of the Lotus Notes users want to back up Lotus Notes mailboxes to PST files in local storage so they can seek out NSF to PST conversion.
  • MS Outlook email client thoroughly supports web, Windows OS, Android, and smartphones for corporate users, as well as for individuals. When you change your system, the Lotus Notes application does not make any definite assurances about its availability across different systems.
  • MS Outlook has better features and a simple management system, quick synchronization, and efficiency for all to use.

This blog clarifies some of the reasons for NSF to PST conversion, there may be other reasons as well.

How to Convert NSF to PST with the free method:

You can use this free method to convert NSF to PST, but be sure to back up your Lotus Notes data before utilizing it. Then, apply the steps as mentioned below.

Step1: Export your Lotus Notes NSF File to CSV:

  • At first, run your Lotus Notes application on the system and open the NSF files you want to export.
  • After that, go to Mailbox >> File >> Exportto save the File with a valid name.
  • Now, click the Save as typeoption and choose Comma Separated Value (CSV files)
  • In this CSV Export screen, you need to pick here desired option and click OK.

The selected NSF files are exported in the CSV file format and saved to the destination.

Step2: Now Import that saved CSV file into MS Outlook:

  • In this step, run your Outlook profile to import CSV.
  • Go on the Menu bar and click on the File 
  • From the sidebar, hit on Open & Export
  • Now, choose the Import/Export
  • Choose here the Import from another program or File option and click
  • Now go to the file type to import fromComma Separated Value, then click Next.
  • Now, browse the File to import and select the desired option to export/filter duplicate items and click Next.
  • Now, select the Outlook folder where you need to import NSF items and click Next.
  • To exit form the wizard, click the Finish 

With the free method, it is not an easy task for everyone. It demands users who know how to convert NSF to PST manually. There are several complications and possibilities of slight human error that may result in data loss and missing items.

By avoiding all the complications and challenges, a better choice is to use an automated NSF to PST converter software.

An automated NSF to PST converter by Weeom Solution:

Weeom NSF to PST Converter Tool is a top-end solution that provides fast, accurate, and secure conversion results for NSF files. This efficient tool derives from advanced algorithms and has a simple GUI appearance.

If we talk about its features and functionalities, it has many advanced and user-friendly features in ease NSF to PST conversion.

Features Highlights:

  • This fast utility supports converting multiple NSF files of any size to target PST at a time.
  • With this tool, users are allowed to get a preview of the added NSF file items for sure before saving them to the target file format.
  • This NSF to PST converter generates PST to both Unicode and ANSI for different versions of Outlook.
  • It also enhances NSF file items to other standard file formats such as EML and MSG formats.
  • A split option is provided in this tool that allows users to split the large-sizes resulting PST files into multiple smaller PSTs by size selected by the users.
  • The folder mapping feature helps users to map data from source to target folder while migrating Lotus Notes to Outlook.
  • You can use Email Translation features that will allow you to change the email address according to the target server.
  • Get a free trial: Weeom solution allows a free evaluation version of this NSF to PST converter tool. Anyone can get a free trial and know how to convert NSF to PST with this tool before moving to invest in the full version. The evaluation version results in the NSF to PST conversion for the first 50 items per folder.

Wrapping up:

Well, the manual method is only free from the price, but it doesn’t care about your data, time, and efforts. To get an easier and safer way to convert NSF to PST, you should use an automated NSF to PST converter tool. The mentioned tool is one of the best solutions that provide a simple management system. Use it and get a perfect NSF to PST conversion result. Users can try the Free Download version of Weeom NS to PST Converter Tool and Check the tool features and functionality. Also, It helps to convert the first 50 data items per folder. So the thing is, if you try its free demo version then you will know the tool is good for you or not and if you know the support then you can chat with our support team.



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