I have been challenged of late, to motivate my kids to get their chores done. Kids chores, what a joke! I spent a lot of time on Pinterest gathering ideas. As punishment I have taken their things and made them earn them back and have denied them sleepovers. Consequences were clearly not steep enough. I did have a small success when I talked about changing the Wi-Fi password without telling them. Consequences simply were not steep enough.

Last summer I thought I did well when I taped notes to the back door with small chores and amounts of money attached to them. Granted they got paid .25-.50 for most chores but if they did enough, they earned some good dough. Again my children are either lazy or overly entitled. It worked SOME but the chores nobody wanted never got done. It did not matter how much I was willing to pay.

I have polled my family and friends for suggestions, but honestly the answer is inside of me. Creative suggestions and ideas were already something I have done. The key to their success is to keep it fresh and fun. How can chores be fun you ask? Perhaps “fun” is a bit of an exaggeration, but I try! Here are several tips to help motivate getting the dreaded “kids chores” done.

kids chores

Set a Limit to the Fun

Looking at the floor of my son’s bedroom, I have no doubt why he drags his feet. It is overwhelming. With the recent death of my mother, I too have had the overwhelming urge to ignore going through her things. One thing that worked for me is to use technology to my advantage. By setting the timer on my iPhone, I have found that I am more likely to get it done. Recently I was in one of my “one hour clean up” times and my husband called. I had to tell him I would call him back knowing that if I got distracted I would stop cleaning. So I did kept moving. I tried this with my son last week. I asked him to spent 30 minutes each day cleaning. It’s always easier when he has time available, but it did help motivate him to get his chore done.

Dance Like Nobody is Watching

Cleaning and organizing are typically not fun. One of the things I often do when the kids are away is to put on some jams and sing and dance as I get things done. I do this with the kids sometimes. It worked when we put the Christmas tree up. The kids were motivated to get into the spirit and decorate for me. This was a first for us too, as typically that is my chore in it’s entirety! Music helps elevate the mood. It gets you dancing and moving. Why not try using this as a motivation for your family?

Switch It Up

Part of what makes kids chores routine are that by very nature they are in part limited by age in what they can do. Now that my kids are more mature though, I should use that to my benefit and allow them to help in planning what chores they will get done. Do they have the desire to cook a family meal? Let them. Let them do the planning, make the shopping list AND make dinner. Don’t allow them to avoid cleaning up though. Better yet, perhaps the sibling can clean when the other cooks! That might provide more motivation in and of itself! One thing that has worked in the past too (when it has not been overwhelming) is to help their sibling in cleaning their room. This doesn’t always work, but they have been motivated enough to try it!

Introduce the Challenge

We have tried traditional chore charts, giving stickers and even bribing with treats. They all work for a while, but not in the long-term. I was excited to start at Stridepost though, to try using the chore tracker. I wasn’t sure how well it would work, but have been pleasantly surprised. Know that we are not super users, however my kids have been motivated to compete AGAINST each other. Many days I will hear them talking about how many points they have earned. The child with fewer points almost always asks for the opportunity to earn more points. It’s been kind of fun to watch. It still doesn’t always work to motive them, but it is helping greatly AND I am not nagging to get things done.

21 Day Challenge

No one knows where the 21-day rule started, but the general rule is that you can create or break a habit in just 21 days. At Stridepost we are all about “helping families.” The best way to motivate kids is to inspire them. Working with their natural drive to be productive and creative. In allowing them to contribute to the household you are giving them a sense of self and pride in a job well done.  That’s why we have introduces the Stridepost 21 Day Challenge.

We hope the tips above help to motivate your kids to get their chores done. Kids chores are an important part of growing up. Chores show kids that families are built on mutual obligations. Families need to help each other. So get inspired. Become motivated. Did we miss anything in our post? Please share with us your best tips to motivate kids to get chores done.


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