For many kids across the country summer is about fun, relaxing and just being a kid. For parents, summer may make for more relaxation or added stress. “The “lazy days of summer” sometimes feel more like the “dog days of summer.” No one wants hectic schedules disorganized days, so here are several tips to get you started to simplify your summer schedule.

Decide on a Summer Routine

To help the long days of summer run more smoothly, parents may consider a less structured schedule. You and your children will be happier if there is less running from school, to sports, to music lessons, to church activities or to scouts. There should still be some type of daily/weekly routine to follow though. Stridepost is a great way to start creating that simplified summer routine. Why not try to schedule a few of these ideas to make things more fun?

  • Does your local library have a special reading time your family would enjoy? What about a summer book club or reading program?  Many libraries have these great resources. Stopping at the library weekly allows your child to continue their reading all summer to avoid summer learning loss.
  • Does your family loves sleeping in? Perhaps schedule sleep in days a couple days each week.
  • Why not schedule a day a week when kids make the plans. Of course, parents will help plan the details, but this will give the kids something to look forward to.

Of course we know that our homes won’t stay clean and meals need to be prepared so families should still have SOME chores. Instead of individual chores in the chore tracker though, try making these more of a family affair or change up whose chore it becomes.

Plan Ahead

Certainly we need to simplify the summer schedule but at least once each summer you will hear, “Mom I am bored” or  “what can I do now.” To avoid that have some ideas ready:

  • Play outside or ride a bike
  • Go to the neighborhood park
  • Catch bugs/frogs
  • Read a book
  • Watch a movie
  • Play a board game
  • Make an obstacle course in your backyard
  • Create a play to perform for the neighborhood

My family creates a “bucket list” of ideas that get taped to the back of our front door.  Each child gets to suggest several ideas. Some cost a little, one may be a “big idea” and others may be simple, silly family ideas. Like wading in the local creek to catch crayfish (my daughter’s current favorite).

Want to have some screen free fun? Check out this great book called Screen-Free Summer: Endless Ideas to Get Kids off the Device and into the Season.

Knowing The Schedule

One of the most important things to know is your schedule. Take 20 minutes and add camps, vacations and outings into the calendar  for June, July, and August. Stridepost allows kids to have access to this calendar 24/7. It will be much easier to simplify your summer schedule when you know the must-do activities.

One of the other great tips that I can offer is to add the sitter to the Stridepost schedule. A sitter can help manage the kids schedule keeping you on track and organized.  A shared calendar can keep everyone up to date and ready to go!

Using these tips will help to simplify your summer schedule and set expectations. Stridepost can further help to simplify the summer schedule, just be sure to let the kids help choose choose when how and when some things get done. This will keep everyone sane and more relaxed.

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Tammy Mayrend

Community Manager at Stridepost
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