Both of my children BEGGED to participate with me in the annual Take Your Child to Work Day. The thing is, my position for Stridepost is spent largely working remote. At first I was going to deny them, however given further consideration I said yes. They may have dreamed of sleeping in and playing online all day, except I wanted them top really know what I do. I tasked them both with various research, showed them how paid advertising works and asked them each to read our blog and write one.

I gave them several examples for blog topics and oddly they both chose the same theme. Here are their blog posts on getting an allowance. Blog posts by kids, for kids!

Did your child participate in Take Your Child to Work Day? What did they learn?

kids allowance

Getting An Allowance


Today Was Bring Your Child To Work Day! Since my mom mostly works from home, I was home with my mom and she asked me to blog. She asked me, “do I think allowance should be give or earned?” In my opinion it should be earned, so she asked me to blog about that. Here are some reasons why I think allowance should be earned.

Working for it

If kids want an allowance, they should work for it. It will help kids understand in the future when they get a job, money won’t just be given to them. It will teach them that working hard will bring good rewards. No one should just get allowance without work. It won’t teach kids anything except that they don’t need to work for money. When they grow up, they’ll find things a lot harder. They’ll think that making someone else do the work will give them the money. But that’s not true. You don’t get anything for free. If you want money you half to work for it.

A good job

Kids in the world that work for allowance, normally end up with better jobs in the future. It’s much better to teach skills sooner so they will understand why they need to work to get what they want. Chores are a good way to build these skills. It doesn’t just benefit the house, it also applies to skills kids will need to know later in life. Kids will need life skills, like how to run the dishwasher and do the washer and dryer later in their lives. Having chores does that getting an allowance for the chores teaches kids about spending and saving money.

I really like how Stridepost handles my allowance because when I complete tasks or chores, I earn points that I can redeem for things that I want. It’s easy to use and I can get what I want, when I want. I can even suggest other rewards I would like in the future.

Should Kids Earn an Allowance or Be Given an Allowance?

by: Zach

Hi my mom challenged me to write a blog today since it is Bring Your Child to Work Day. So, my blog is on “should kids just get an allowance, or should they have to earn it.” As a kid I think it could go either way. I think we should get a base allowance, and then the more work we do, the more money we earn. Like a job.

Working for vs being given an allowance

As a kid chores (or work) is not something I love to do. When someone tells you to work for your allowance, I feel I have to work harder for the money. If kids are just given money for doing nothing, they don’t learn anything. Parents should be able to control the base allowance as needed and add or subtract money as they see fit. If you are adding to a base allowance though, I feel like I won’t have to work as much to earn something.

How allowance helps

As a kid who gets an allowance, it teaches me not to just spend it all without thinking first. Getting an allowance teaches kids about the importance of saving money, spending and even investing money. In all, it has taught me to budget.

Challenges kids have with allowances

If your child is simply given an allowance, they may buy the cool cool new toys without thinking. Then the next day they realize that they don’t like the toy and won’t play with it again. This leaves the child sad and without any money. This is the biggest reason I think kids should have to earn their allowance.

I really like how my mom has set up my Stridepost account. Each week I am given some base allowance and some that I have to earn. This is the best of both worlds for me.


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