As a mom, I know how difficult it can be to juggle work life balance. When my kids were babies or toddlers I would think, “It will get easier when they are older.” The reality of that is, that while they are more independent, the struggle is still real. Juggling responsibilities for work AND at home are still very difficult.  I have found the key is to create on a plan, get organized, and find the right balance between profession and parenthood. Below are several tips that I have embraced that will get you started on the journey!

Make the Mornings Easier

When the kids were babies, I would get up earlier, prepare the diaper bag (or backpack), pack lunches and lay out my clothes. At times, if I was really organized, I even placed breakfast items on the table.

As the kids have gotten older I do much of the same thing. When my son reached middle school age, I started asking him to pack his own lunch to avoid starting the day frazzled and crazed. It didn’t always work, until Stridepost came along. Certainly there is always a learning curve, but with Stridepost, I have added these to-do’s into my children’s accounts. They have points allocated for doing the following:

  • Pack Lunch the Night Before (effort 5) or Pack Lunch the Morning Of (effort 1). See what I did there? I am hopefully motivating them to be MORE organized!
  • Pre-pack Your Back-Pack. This is on Sunday night since starting the week on a roll is a BIG plus!
  • Lay Out Clothes for Tomorrow

Now each of my kids looks over the next day’s to-do list and schedule. It is helping avoiding any surprises and keeps everyone focused. It’s a work in progress though, believe me. As a busy family it can still be a struggle.

Organize With a Family Calendar

I used to use a Mom’s Plan-it Calendar where each person has a space on each day of the week where I can write activities, events, sports practice, games, etc. I still have it in fact, but have not used it well in months. The thing is, we are so busy that there is not ROOM and it became a jumbled mess. I then moved to a Google Calendar so that i could see everyone’s schedule and it was color coded. Then came Stridepost.

When I started last year with Stridepost, my boss said the magic words, “You know that you can import your Google Calendar’s into Stridepost right?” Cha-ching – Bonus!!! We can now easily see family’s priorities and events for everyone!  Kids can look ahead to see what is happening in the week, which makes them much happier.

Family Meetings – Not a Big Deal

We have family meetings infrequently, but I do think I need to implement this next tip; It has become increasingly important since my husband has a Stridepost Account but has yet to embrace it… Set aside 15-minutes aside each Sunday night, to review events for the coming week. Family meetings seem to indicate something significant (and lengthy) but this small carving out this small amount of time will have big pay-offs. Everyone will be well informed and better prepared to hit the week running!

Staying Connected

Some families have check-in phone calls, some families allow texting and messaging between family members, and some families may even have home cameras or webcams where they can see what’s happening at home quickly and easily. Stridepost has an easy answer for this, which allows each child to use their own device to communicate – The family wall. Oddly although my kids DO message with me and send text, they really appreciate using the Family Wall to leave messages. When families can connect it makes everyone happier and makes rough days easier.

There are many more great tips for work-life balance like creating quality family time, having alone time and partner date nights. Having a great employer also improves work life balance immensely. Age and maturity of my children, combined with using Stridepost has also helped.

So, what am I missing, are there other tips you would add to this list? What have you done to improve your work life balance? Have you tried Stridepost, and if so, has it helped improve things for your family?

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Tammy Mayrend

Community Manager at Stridepost
Tammy Mayrend is a search and social marketing, a professional singer and local actress currently residing in the Ann Arbor area. As the Community Manager at Stridepost, Tammy will be working with other bloggers, promoting the affiliate program and managing the various social media platforms. She's versed in social media, search engine marketing, search engine optimization as well as traditional marketing strategies. Feeling strongly that professionals must walk-the-walk to talk-the-talk, she has also built a successful online presence with her Ann Arbor Mom Blog ( is an active volunteer for the Boy Scouts of America (Southern Shores Trail Council, Huron Trails) and the Girl Scouts of Southeast Michigan. She enjoys spending time outdoors, crafting, home improvement projects, gardening, foraging and in the pursuit of many other creative endeavors.Tammy is an active contributing writer and blogger for many other sites as well.

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