Raising kids in today’s environment can be challenging and stressful. If you have children at home, you are likely working to help them grow into caring responsible adults. To help teach your kids responsibility, consider trying the following ideas:

1. Consider having them work for their allowance.

Do you give your kids an allowance every week? Many parents still practice this tradition of providing their children with some spending money. If you give your little ones an allowance, consider making them accountable for a portion of it. You can set a value for certain chores. For instance, give your daughter the opportunity to earn ten dollars if she washes the family car. You may decide that cleaning out the basement deserves twenty dollars. You may require your children to do certain chores each week without pay. If you do, consider giving them extra jobs to earn money for special tasks that require more work.

2. Introduce them to basic financial responsibility concepts.

If you give your kids an allowance, begin teaching them how to be financially responsible with their money. Help them put together an earning plan for that next big purchase. Show them how they can earn money by being responsible for their chores or other special jobs you assign. You can also require them to save a percentage of their allowance to help them understand the value of saving.

3. Involve them in civic responsibility.

You can also teach them civic responsibility by encouraging them to give a portion of their allowance to an organization. Some ideas include a local food bank, a local place of worship or an animal shelter. Besides encouraging your kids to donate money to an organization, you can also show them how they can donate their time. This practice will teach them to be responsible caring members of society. Nursing homes usually welcome visitors. You and your kids can delight nursing home residents with a warm smile and a batch of homemade cookies!

4. Encourage environmental responsibility.

Does your family practice environmental responsibility? Teach your kids how to recycle and share the value of taking care of our environment. You can show them how to separate the trash into different recyclable stacks. Take them with you to your local recycling center. In addition to enjoying the activity, they will learn how to protect the environment at a young age.

5. Reinforce personal responsibility.

Teaching kids to be responsible for their own health and education is something parents strive towards. Take baby steps and assign your kids a few tasks each week to support their physical and intellectual health. Give your kids the mission to get 30 minutes of exercise each day before they are given any screen time. Use online resources such as Khan Academy to help your kids learn new and exciting things about our world.

If you want to teach your kids responsibility, don’t forget that you need to be a good role model. Sometimes we all need a little reminder. If you are on the journey to raise responsible kids, sign up for our newsletter and product updates to learn more about our personal parenting assistant being developed for families just like you.

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