burger king trinidad menu
burger king trinidad menu

burger king trinidad menu

Enjoy the diversity of our menu, with flame-grilled pork alternatives, fish, crispy fried fowl, salads, and desserts.

burger king trinidad menu

burger king trinidad menu


St. James, MovieTowne Invaders Bay, Maraval, West Mall, Grand Bazaar, Curepe, Tacarigua, Trincity Mall, Price Plaza, Gulf City, High Street, Marabella, Princes Town, Arima and C3 Centre.


Sample Menu


Croissan’wich with ham or bacon;


pancakes; French toast;


eggs; bacon; hash browns.



Whopper; Crispy Chicken;


Fish and Veggie Sandwiches;


Original Chicken Sandwich;


Tendergrill and Tendercrisp Sandwiches;


salads and desserts.


Opening Hours

Sun – Thur: 7:00 am – 10:00 pm


Fri  – Sat: 7:00 am – midnight


Burger King

is a very well-known chain of speedy meals that provides hamburgers at the cross. This organisation turned into based in 1953, and its predominant aim became to offer rapid food to human beings. It concerned an intensive menu comprising one of a kind kinds of burgers. They used to sell every type, inclusive of hamburgers, pork burgers, and even the forte fowl zinger burgers. This franchise took off quite soon in the beginning, and even though they had economic issues in 1954, they pulled themselves returned. After rebranding itself, it became an global rapid-food chain.

Since its beginning, Burger King has grown to be an extensive food chain found in all nations of the sector. It is present in almost each gulf nation and the subcontinent, even at some point of European nations. Their quick service instances and delicious tastes have come to be a famous desire amongst meals fans. Especially the branches at Trinidad have the first-class burger king Trinidad menus amongst all other gadgets.

What is the Burger King Trinidad menu?

The Burger King Trinidad menu consists of  sorts of food. They serve crispy and gentle meals along with flame-grilled food. Each form of meal has six alternatives, and every of these six options varies in price. However, right here we can speak most effective the maximum well-known and famous ones. The first alternative in flame-grilled food is the flame-grilled whopper with cheese. It charges about $60 a meal, such as fries and a drink, and if you best get the burger, it prices approximately $50.

The 2d choice of their flame-grilled meals is the double whopper with cheese, and it expenses approximately $eighty a meal and $70 if you simplest get the burger. This double whopper with cheese is arguably one of the favorite burgers supplied with the aid of the Burger King franchise and is the most delicious and popular one. The 0.33 choice of their flame-grilled food is the bacon cheese whopper, with the intention to cost you approximately $65 a meal and $fifty five for a burger most effective. Therefore they have the high-quality burger king Trinidad menu.


On the other hand, in case you get Crispy and gentle food, you’ll have Option 7, that is a hen sandwich and quite popular with the majority. It costs approximately $42 a meal and $31 if you get the burger only. You also can get yourself the American chook sandwich which fees about $53 a meal and is the maximum famous choice if you make a decision to get something chicken flavored.


Why is the Burger King Trinidad menu so popular?

The Burger King Trinidad menu is so popular amongst people of all races for 2 primary motives. The first reason is that they may be especially scrumptious. The burgers they offer at the move are made from prime components, and even the buns they use for their burgers and sandwiches are factory-made according to their customization. They use top-excellent ingredients to ensure their clients are happy with every chunk they take. Hence when humans locate some thing so scrumptious, they usually return for greater.

when Burger King Corporation started

At the point when Burger King Corporation started diversifying in 1959, it utilized a local model where franchisees bought the option to open stores inside a geographic region. These establishment arrangements conceded BKC very little oversight control of its franchisees and brought about issues of item quality control, store picture and plan, and functional procedures.

During the 1970s, underlying lacks in Burger King’s establishment framework turned out to be progressively dangerous for Pillsbury. A significant model was the connection between Burger King and Louisiana-based franchisee Chart House, Burger King’s biggest franchisee bunch at the time with more than 350 areas in the United States. The organization’s proprietors, William and James Trotter, took a few actions to dominate or secure Burger King during the 1970s, which were all scorned by Pillsbury.

After the bombed endeavors to procure the organization, the connection between Chart House and Burger King soured and in the end lapsed into a lawsuit. Chart House in the end veered off its Burger King tasks in the mid 1980s into a holding organization called DiversiFoods which, thus, was gained by Pillsbury in 1984 and retained into Burger King’s operations.

feature of the diversifying redesign section

As a feature of the diversifying redesign section of Operation Phoenix, Donald N. Smith started a rebuilding of future diversifying arrangements in 1978. Under this new establishment arrangement, new proprietors were refused from living over one hour from their eateries – limiting them to more modest people or possession gatherings and forestalling huge, multi-state companies from claiming establishments.

Franchisees were likewise now restricted from working different chains, keeping them from redirecting assets from their Burger King property. This new approach actually restricted the size of franchisees and kept bigger establishments from testing Burger King Corporation as Chart House had. 64 Smith additionally tried to have BKC be the essential proprietor of new areas and lease or rent the cafés to its establishments.

This approach would permit the organization to assume control over the activities of bombing stores or oust those proprietors who wouldn’t adjust to the organization rules and policies.By 1988, parent organization Pillsbury had loosened up a large number of Smith’s changes, downsizing on development of new areas, which brought about slowed down development of the brand.[15] Neglect of Burger King by new proprietor Grand Metropolitan and its replacement Diageo[28] further hurt the remaining of the brand, making critical monetary harm BK establishments and stressing relations between the parties.


While BK started its introduction to areas beyond the mainland United States in 1963 with a store in San Juan, Puerto Rico,[93] it didn’t have a worldwide presence until quite a long while later. Not long after the securing of the chain by Pillsbury, it opened its most memorable Canadian café in Windsor, Ontario in 1969. Other global areas trailed not very far behind, remembering Australia for 1971, with an eatery in the Perth suburb of Innaloo, and Europe in 1975, with an eatery in Madrid. Beginning in 1982, BK and its franchisees started working stores in a few East Asian nations, including Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea.

Due to high rivalry, the Japanese areas were all shut in 2001; be that as it may, BK reappeared the Japanese market in June 2007.BK’s Central and South American tasks started in Mexico in the last part of the 1970s and by the mid 1980s in Caracas, Venezuela, Santiago, Chile, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. While Burger King lingers behind McDonald’s in worldwide areas by more than 12,000 stores, starting around 2008 it had figured out how to turn into the biggest chain in a few nations including Mexico and Spain.


The organization isolates its worldwide tasks into three sections; the Middle East, Europe and Africa division (EMEA), Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) In every one of these districts, Burger King has laid out a few auxiliaries to foster vital organizations and coalitions to venture into new domains. In its EMEA bunch, Burger King’s Switzerland-based auxiliary Burger King Europe GmbH is answerable for the permitting and advancement of BK establishments in those regions. Exhibit  In APAC area, the Singapore-based BK AsiaPac, Pte. Ltd. specialty unit handles diversifying for East Asia, the Asian subcontinent and all Oceanic territories. Exhibit  The LAC district incorporates Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands and has no unified activities bunch



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