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buy to let mortgage in London | UR Mortgage London

Buy-to-Let Mortgage and How to Choose the Right Mortgage Option?

Before starting out, we are extremely obliged to assist you directly with all the newest schemes related to mortgages and how to find the best mortgage for your house! Our support representatives are just a click away!

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Hey, peeps, are you considering investing in a property in the UK?

If YES, you are indeed making an intelligent move towards long-term investment, which is too in the right direction.

Whether you are investing in property for residential purposes or whether you are looking to rent out your property to generate some revenue out of it, in both cases, we can surely help you out with our wisdom and experience even if you are a first time home buyer in London

Well, the first question that may be popping up in your heads might be 

What does buy To let mortgage mean?

A buy To let mortgage in London is different from a typical property mortgage in simple layman terms as it is not necessarily based on the income you earn.

Every moneylender will have different terms and conditions, but generally, the amount you can borrow will be based on your rented property income. The rental income generated has to be over a certain amount fixed for the property lender who will agree to the collateral signed. The terms may differ from lender to lender, though, so we can advise on this.


Why should you consider our guidance rather than any other mortgage agency?

-Mortgage loans are available up to 85%LTV, which means only a 15% deposit is required. 

 -Expert, impartial, friendly advice both for first-time landlords and portfolio landlords.

 -Homes of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) or houses have multiple occupancy systems (schemes available). 

 -Attractive deals are available for buy to let interest-only mortgages. 

 -We have some fantastic and exclusive deals, which are not available on the high street. 

How can the “First Home Scheme” help you?

Our government has recently, in April 2021, launched the “First Home Scheme” in which the people who are willing to purchase their first time home buyer in London that is their dream home in the UK can take full benefit out of this.

This collateral government scheme offers all the lenders the freedom to purchase a guarantee on collateral where the individual has to deposit only 5%.

Or, in simple words, the government will allow first-time buyers to let mortgage buyers with only a 5% deposit purchase a house worth up to 600,000 euros.

And the best part is that this scheme is open for all people, not only first-time home buyers.

Domestic property is one of the most attractive investment categories in the UK, particularly in London, where the property’s rental value is a bit higher than anywhere else in the country. 

It is different from a standard mortgage, with a buy to let lenders take your income into account and a percentage of the rental income you will get from letting the property. Usually, lenders expect the rental income around 25-45% more than the monthly mortgage payments.

Investing in property can be lucrative and an excellent way to supplement your current income, but it is not risk-free. Our expert buys to let the mortgage team give you all the information you need before taking the next move.

  • Lease yields – is your property going to offer you excellent rental work? You may have to compare your property with the other properties available in the same society or nearby surrounding place – what is the lease amount which they are getting?
  • Location – you need to check whether the place is near to you or is distant? Will you require easy access to this property to fix anything in the near future?
  • Do not forget to consider the factor that there may be some seasons in which there will be rental voids – there will be periods when the property could be empty entirely, and you won’t be getting any revenue out of it.
  • How are you planning to manage the property with your daily routine? If you are not located nearby, you may require someone to take care of the property you are planning to invest in.
  • Maintenance – you should make an allowance for the regular property maintenance that has to be done from the owner’s end and any breakdowns that you, as a landlord, will be responsible for in the future.

Things to consider before purchasing a To-let mortgage:

-Are you eligible to get one?

You’ll need to be at least 21 years or older to be able to make use of this scheme – if you’re considering applying with a joint application form, then you may need to note whether the other person is 18 or older to be eligible.

It is not necessary for you to have a residential property to apply for a first-time buy-to-let mortgage.

You can apply independently or with up to three people, providing you’re not part of a company.

-Your income

  • To borrow up to £1 million, at least one applicant needs an annual gross income of £25,000.
  • To borrow more than £1 million with no other applicants, you’ll need a gross annual income of £75,000.
  • For joint applications for more than £1 million, where none of you has a £75,000 gross annual income, you can apply with a combined gross yearly income of £100,000.

-Borrowing limits

  • With this facility, you can borrow up to £2 million per first-time buy-to-let mortgage property that you will apply for.
  • The total borrowing amount is extended to £3 million across all first-time buyer buy-to-let mortgages with UR Mortgage or £4.5 million across all lenders.

A maximum of six mortgaged rental properties with us, or ten across all lenders, including us

Buy To Let Mortgage - UR Mortgage London Ltd
Buy To Let Mortgage-UR Mortgage London

To whom do we work?

We work with a group of experienced yet professional:

  • Property owners have large portfolios.
  • Property investors who are looking to buy with a limited company or SPV (particular purpose vehicle) are associated with us.
  • Newbie landlords who are looking to purchase a buy-to-let mortgage in London for their first property purchase.
  • Individuals who are actively looking to lease out their property due to some personal or family financial issues such as moving in with a partner and letting out one of the properties.
Buy to let mortgage London
Buy to let mortgage London

If you or your loved ones or anyone you know is willing to purchase a property for investment in terms of residence or rental basis to generate income, we can assist you.

We offer professional and friendly mortgage advice to all our customers. 

Our agency resides in West London with our main office in Iver, Buckingham-shire. We at UR Mortgage have a team of experienced professionals having years of experience and expertise in their required fields to provide you with the best advice on all aspects of the mortgage market and schemes.

Book an appointment now to help you to enter your dream home faster.

  •  Book your FREE initial consultation. 
  •  Exclusive deals are available, which are not available on the high street.
  •  Access to 120+ lenders. 
  •  First-time buyers in London can get the mortgage up to 90% LTV, which means only a 10% deposit is required. 
  •  Exciting deals are available for Non – EU or Non-British citizens. 
  •  Cashback and Free valuations on some products. 

So are you interested? If it is YES then, visit our website or contact us directly at UR Mortgage London 

Call us for more inquiry at +44-795-6298-310 +44 208 1917 195

Email: [email protected]

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