Can Prescription Glasses be Purchased Online?

New pair of prescription eyeglasses is a great change, not only for your prescription but for your look as well. In fact, any new thing makes you happy for some time because everyone likes change. Buying Prescription glasses online lets you play with multiple options and choose one of them for you from your home comfort. The entire selection process is in your hand while buying eyewear online. It means you require only a few significant pieces of information for running this process. The following tips will help you select the correct option that will perfectly match your style.

Why should you choose online to buy eyeglasses?

Buying prescription glasses online has several advantages over the physical store because you don’t need to take time from your routine and visit any store.

  • Convenient:

Convenient is the first advantage because before buying glasses, you need some planning to take time from your busy day. Due to a shortage of time, people feel pressure to decide in a limited time. But online shopping Store ( gives you a different experience because it is the opposite experience of local stores. Browse the latest styles even in your office during your lunch break or in your bed wearing only shorts. It means you have to limit of places to search for your favorite style. And the good thing is you have enough time to make a final decision without leaving a single inch of your house.

  • Extensive collections:

Undoubtedly, offices and physical stores have a small place to display different frames in their showcase. Therefore, this reason prevents retailers keep a maximum style in their stores. Online stores have no limitations regarding a place to display their products. They have to take an image of the frame and merely add it to their gallery, and the computer doesn’t stop them from displaying eyeglasses as much as they want. Online retailers will allow you to view all frame styles and make it easy to choose your favorite style.

  • Cost-effective and time-saving:

Time is money because you earn money in your valuable time. You have a busy life and cannot take out extra time to buy new pair of glasses. Buying prescription eyewear online allows you to shop for your favorite item at your convenient time. Besides, online shopping gives the convenience of zero spending on traveling and even saves your hard-earned money in many ways.

The traditional stores give you expensive eyewear because of many reasons. They have to pay rent, staff salaries, and a lot of other formalities force them to keep higher prices of eyeglasses. You have an open option to buy extra pair of cheap prescription glasses at a single pair price at local stores. With this option, you can save money and even wear additional pairs of glasses for different occasions.

What to require to know before buying eyeglasses?

Before choosing any style and add to the cart, you have to collect some crucial information. First of all, you need to visit an optician to know about the current prescription and also take pupillary distance.

  • Current prescription:

Buying prescription eyeglasses online, you need to ensure for prescription copy in which all prescription information will be listed. For perfect results, you require to ensure that you have an updated prescription. Generally, your prescription can functionally work for one to two years. If you don’t know the exact time of your last eye exam, it is the perfect time to make an appointment and get the latest prescription.

  • Pupillary distance:

With the latest prescription, you also require to know about your pupillary distance. It is the distance between the center of two pupils. Your accurate PD will make sure that your eyewear frame is situated in the center of your eyes. PD is useful for perfect fit and appropriate function because it makes sure the proper location of your prescription lenses. However, most doctors write PD in your prescription note, but some doctors don’t mention it. If you don’t find PD in your note, it can take a few minutes, and you can easily measure it accurately by yourself.

  • Choose different lens types:

Online stores have several lens types that can easily fulfill your vision requirement. They are as follows:

  • Single vision lenses are a popular option among many users, and they cover only single corrective power.
  • Progressive lenses are the opposite of single vision lenses because they cover several prescriptions at a single lens surface. They cover far, near, and intermediate distances if you are experiencing presbyopia.
  • Bifocals have more resemblance with progressive lenses, but these lenses have a visible line in between every vision section. You can combine two different visions like prescription and reading on a single-lens surface.
  • Fashion lenses let you enjoy trendy eyewear without the requirement of a prescription. If you wish to enhance your fashion standard, these fashion lenses are the right option for you.

Online eyewear retailers will provide you with thin plastic lenses upgraded with polycarbonate material. These lenses are highly lightweight and are less expensive. Polycarbonate lenses are a perfect option for kids due to are impact-resistant and lightweight. Visit Eyeweb today and explore uncountable options regarding eyeglasses.

  • What about frame size?

Choosing the perfect frame size means eyewear will perfectly sit on your face. You have to consider lens width in millimeters because it will determine how the frame will look on your face. Bridge width will comfortably sit on your nose, and temple length will give you the accurate size of your head. Frame width will determine the large or short frame size on your face. If you have old pair of eyeglasses, take the exact length of every frame part and send it to the online retailer (

  • Don’t forget the aesthetic factor for online shopping:

Obviously, the most fun part of online shopping for eyeglasses is choosing your favorite style that you like most. You merely have to scroll down and type all relevant information, and it can take just an hour and look at all crucial options before making a final decision. Face shape consideration is also essential for a perfect look wearing any frame style. Once finalizing the perfect eyeglasses pair, its customization through lens tint gives you an ideal look.


Don’t go with the myth that first-class eyeglasses come with the highest price. There are uncountable online options for your whole family not only in price but style as well. Not don’t scare to choose trendy eyewear because technology has made it possible to adjust all types of prescriptions in any frame style.

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