Can we do freelance SEO
Can we do freelance SEO

Can we do freelance SEO?

You may, in fact, work for yourself as an SEO freelancer. Anybody could learn how to perform SEO for their business with a bit of research and lots of experience. You may well have noticed that SEO is crucial if you want to boost website traffic. You must be found in Google Search if you want to boost the number of people visiting your business, making phone calls, and placing online orders. Your website’s optimization will help you rank higher and attract more searches into paying clients. You will discover how marketers prepare your website for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others in this post.

You are making your website appear as high in Google as possible when someone puts in. Your business is more likely to draw customers and sales the more well-known it is. more highly your website ranks.

How freelance SEO actually works?

What is freelancer SEO?
freelance SEO

For SEO to operate, your website’s design and content must be modified in a way that makes it more appealing to search engine result pages. You do this in the anticipation that perhaps the search engine will list your website as the first result on the results page. The Google algorithm considers hundreds of ranking indicators to choose which websites to display in the search results and in what order. Even though it would be difficult to update your website to accommodate everyone, there are some best practices you can adhere to.

Tasks of an SEO Freelancer:-

A freelance SEO specialist produces and improves online content. They specifically use a variety of techniques while producing such material to increase the likelihood that it will appear as the top search result. The key strategy’s followed by a freelancer SEO:

1. Keyword research: Finding the search terms that will bring visitors back to your website is the method of performing keyword research. You can use the precise words and phrases that people are using in your content title, headings, and body once you have identified the terms or phrases they are using.

2. Analyzing competitors: it involves comparing your material to content made by opponents who receive high rankings.

3. On-page SEO: The term on-page SEO describes SEO tactics that can be used on the website or web page where you are putting content.

4. Link building: The art of link building involves persuading other websites to link to your material. With enough outside sources linking to your page, it will probably rank higher because search engines see links as endorsements. There are many strategies to build backlinks, such as pitching your material to publications in the hopes that one of their stories would link to your website or looking for guest blogging services.

Companies or individuals who depend on internet traffic greatly value SEO skill sets. Some businesses, especially those involved in e-commerce, gain clients or spread the word about their goods or services by driving traffic to their websites.


the search phrase is determined and presented by search engines like Google and Bing using a variety of ranking factors. but, various search engines almost crawl first and websites get indexed before of accomplishing that. Here is a definition of crawling and indexing.

Crawling: The discovery process known as crawling takes place when search engines send out spiders or crawlers to look for updated and new keywords. We utilize tools referred to as web crawlers to find publicly accessible webpages, claims Google. Search engine crawlers inspect websites’ selected pages and check on links embedded inside of the page, almost like you were looking at web pages for information. Then goes between links, giving information about those working websites back to Google’s bot.

Indexing: Indexing is the method used by search engines like Google to arrange data prior to a search in order to quickly respond to user queries. Google and other search engines typically have structured data about web pages and other content that they are aware of. The search tool can now use the knowledge that it has about those pages and their search results once they have been indexed. Here are my top 10 suggestions that should help you expand your SEO freelance business part of digital marketing.

1. Converse with other freelancers: Some individuals have been where you are, no matter where you are. They have knowledge and expertise that you can use. Getting advice from these professionals can help you avoid wasting months of trial and error. Tips to reach out to some experienced people to get advice

Show consideration for their time: Don’t just direct message a list of your questions or a general request for assistance. Instead, if you cultivate relationships, people will be glad to assist you.

Ask important questions: The question you ask will determine the response you receive. Therefore, be sure to ask precise questions that will help you shift the needle.

Your choices are your responsibility: You don’t ask others for responsibility for your business; rather, you ask them for help. So use common sense and determine what works and what doesn’t
for you.

2. Make yourself an online presence: The best SEO ever could be you. But it will be difficult to succeed if no one knows about it. Your voice should be heard in this environment where there are so many perspectives on social media. You can increase your presence by using Linked din. You have the option to use TWITTER, launch a newsletter, or do both at once. You have an option.

3. Consider yourself a business: You become an accountant, salesperson, account manager, and legal department when you launch your firm. You also pay taxes, of course. When setting your service prices, consider this. Simply figuring out how much you made each hour at your day job is

4. Get Training On Service Pricing: Despite the fact that you are now the only employee, you now recognize that you are a business. Any business’s primary objective is to turn a profit. The next critical step is to quit underselling yourself and embrace it. Tips:

 Don’t work for free
 Use project-based pricing over hourly billing.
 Regular basis improve and up to next level your prices accordingly

5. Know how to sell: It’s a widespread fallacy that if you’re brilliant at what you do (in this case, SEO) lots of people will be clamoring to work with you. That’s not true in reality, selling and SEO are completing different skills. You need both of them to succeed, too. When you accept the truth, it will all change for you. And once you start accepting the truth, you’ll begin learning how to sell. Sending irritating messages to your LinkedIn acquaintances is much more covert. Selling is the act of engaging in conversation with a possible customer.

6. Establish procedures and systems: Putting systems in place will increase efficiency and margins for your freelance firm. If you decide to engage someone else to assist you later on, processes are also helpful for delegation.


We hope that this post has given you a good starting point as you research SEO freelancing. Create an account on Upwork if you’re prepared to launch your career right away. So if you want to make start a freelance SEO par time of a full-time job, you need to establish first a strong base of knowledge about basics to advance and credentials. Then, you should create your website, portfolio, résumé, and price structure while expanding your connections and industry presence.

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