pursuing LLM courses in UK

Career opportunities after pursuing LLM courses in UK

LLM is one of the top courses that international students wish to study in UK. Focusing on the course is not the only goal of the international students, but career opportunities after the course are also one of the main factors for which they look. LLM courses in UK  provide you with the best skill-set and core legal principles that help you to excel in today’s dynamic legal systems.

Moreover, the UK universities offer you a wide range of LLM specialized courses like international corporate law, public law, criminal law, religious law, etc. Also, the legal experts in the top UK universities are considered one of the best faculty in the world. LLM is the course from which one can support people, groups, and organizations with their legal issues and raise their problems in the courtroom. It is considered as the best course for the students who wish to know about the legal rights of the humans and like to raise the public issue. 

After pursuing the LLM courses in UK, there are variety of career opportunities one can go for. Some of them are listed below:


Magistrate are the judicial officers who hears the cases in the court and pass the final decision regarding the issue. Also, they make the decision by carefully listening and judging to the evidence shown by the lawyers. They can hear cases in the criminal court, the family court, or both. The magistrate have the sentencing power that allow them to charge fines from the culprit, bans, community order, and impose sentences. The average salary of magistrate in UK is approx. £54,695 per year. Therefore, it is one of the best jobs that one can pursue after the LLM courses. Few skills you need to be a magistrate are:

  • Good character.
  • Aware of local social issues.
  • An understanding person.
  • Mature, with a sense of fairness.
  • Committed to serving the community.


Advocates are more likely to work in a chamber and mostly are self-employed. Generally, the advocates deal with the field in which they have done specialization like criminal lawyers, family lawyers, corporate lawyers, etc. It is one of the best option that one can pursue after the completion of LLM degree. Also, it is the duty of advocate to defend their party by proving evidence and statements in the courtroom. The average earning of the advocate in UK is approx. £45000 per year. Skills you need to be an advocate are:

  • Understanding audience/client personas.
  • Identifying and using suitable action words.
  • Writing persuasively in the passive voice.
  • Keeping drafts concise, chronological, and organized.
  • Editing ruthlessly.

Legal Documents Reviewer

Legal documents reviewer are the trained legal professional who reviews the documents to find what information falls within the scope of discovery. Also, Document review is a crucial component of litigation and the most labor-intensive part of discovery. Moreover, the average income of a legal document reviewer is approx. £40692 per year. Also, it is considered best job after LLM to enter in corporate world. Few basic skills you need in this profession are:

  • Subject matter expertise
  • Technical skills
  • Attention to detail 
  • Foreign language fluency
  • Quality control, etc.

Legal Consultant

The legal consultant provides the legal consultancy and advice to the client. Also, they provide the advices to the client by analyzing and researching the legal matters. It is the duty of the legal consultant to formulate the formalities regarding settlements of disputes. The average income of legal consultant in UK is approx. £35000 per year. Few skills you need to be legal adviser are:

  • Knowledge of legal matters.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Administration skills.
  • Good team working abilities.
  • Ability to use your initiative, etc


A notary is a legal professional who are primarily concerned with the authentication and preparation of certificates of signature, authority and also capacity relating to documents for use abroad. Moreover, the average earning of notary in UK is approx. £24800 per year. Skills you need to be good notary are: 

  • Affidavits,
  • Notary, 
  • Real Estate,
  • Administer Oaths,
  • Legal Documents,
  • Loan Portfolio,
  • Escrow,
  • Title Companies, etc.

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