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Insurers do provide coverage to those vaccinated against COVID-19


SciCheck Compendium Insurance companies don’t deny claims when someone dies after getting vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the industry trade association the American Council of Life Insurers. But a message that has gained wide circulation on social networks erroneously claims that the beneficiaries of a person who died after receiving …

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What subject should be debited and credited when prepaying property insurance premiums?

prepaid Insurance

When prepaying property insurance premiums, if the amount is not large, the subject of “Administrative Expenses—Insurance Premium” should be debited, and the subject of “Bank Deposit” or “Cash in Inventory” should be credited. When prepaying property insurance premiums, if the amount is relatively large, the subject of “Other receivables—Insurance premium” …

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Dr Maurice Roussety | The financial company

Maurice Roussety

Debt is a risk. Similar to a fishing line, it could appear like an easy dinner for free but it’s actually a very dangerous barb beneath. It’s easy to get into. It promises you will get what you want now! This is appealing however, there’s a huge chance of a debt-related problem that is …

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Tax Agent

The tax legislation contains a specific definition of a tax agent. This is a person who calculates taxes, withholds them from the taxpayer, and transfers them to the budgets of the Australian Federation (Article 24 of the Tax Code of the Australian  Federation). The activities of these persons are subject …

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Primary Mortgage Market Definition

Benefits of the Primary Mortgage Market

What is the primary mortgage market? The primary mortgage market is where borrowers can obtain mortgages from primary lenders. Banks, mortgage brokers, lending banks, credit unions are all major lenders and are part of the major mortgage market. How the primary mortgage market works Homeowners can contact their local banks …

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