History of Golf

Golf is an American sport in which participants use various golf equipment to move a small ball from a series of starting points (tees) on the course to a series of holes. The contestant who pots the ball with fewer strokes wins. The origins of the sport are difficult to ascertain, but there is evidence that early golf was played in Holland and later in Scotland. On April 11, 1899, Coburn Haskell, a golfer from Cleveland, Ohio, …

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The 10 Greatest Football Goals of All Time

Greatest Football

Choosing the best goals from the history of Greatest Football is a difficult task. There are hundreds of amazing overhead kicks, flicked back-heels and other spectacular shots attempted in an average season. However, we have focused our attention on goals that demanded extraordinary skill, ability and difficulty. One such example …

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The 10 Best Premier League in the World 2022

Premier League

As the Champions League knockout rounds wind down and domestic leagues kick off again, optimism is high among the world’s best football teams. There is a renewed focus on the sport and the competition between top clubs is returning to an even keel. However, Premier League a long way still …

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