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Choose the Right Type of Forceps: Adson Forceps Features and Types

In the operating room, there are some surgical instruments whose importance can’t be ignored, and adson forceps are one of them. Their structure makes them a prominent surgical tool for different procedures. These forceps also work according to a specific technique and as per the need of surgical procedures. A surgeon must be able to grab the forceps in an appropriate way to facilitate the surgery. A slight mishandling can cause serious trauma to the adjacent structures of the operational field. The primary purpose of these forceps is to grab the tissues and other non-biological entities as well. This makes them a multifunctional tool for surgeons. The fields of applications include surgery, dentistry, and veterinary clinical tasks. The body design of these forceps is suitable to make them grab the desired structures properly without sliding through the hands of the user. 

Thumb Forceps

These forceps should be used according to a particular method of implementation. These work better when held like a pencil. This technique includes the thumb and index finger of the user. The general function is to move and analyze the tissues when required. Their body pattern is interesting. Their variations come with the presence and absence of a ribbed design. They do not comprise any locking system. A surgeon must be educated to use these forceps in an accurate way to mitigate the chances of complications during the completion of the surgical procedure.

Correct Handling Of Forceps 

The correct way to grab the thumb forceps is to hold them like a pencil. When a person holds a pencil, he uses his thumb and index finger in most cases. The thumb and the index finger both work together to provide specific control on the entire tool, either a pencil or thumb forceps. 

Incorrect Handling

It is better to hold them like a pencil instead of grabbing them along the palm, which can be inconvenient for the user. A surgeon should hold thumb forceps in a suitable manner. This will work in two ways. It will not cause any exhaustion to the surgeon. Secondly, it will provide ease for the surgery. 

german stainless adson forceps

Major Types Of Adson Forceps 

  • Adson-Brown

This variation slightly differs from the general forceps. The difference comes in the pattern of the teeth. These forceps have a ribbed pattern of teeth that are conjoined. These forceps come in use when precise and atraumatic handling of the tissues is required during the surgical activity. These can work on the stitching threads and adhesive wound stripes as well. 

  • Micro Adson Tissue Forceps

As their name shows, this type of forceps approaches the minute and constricted parts of the wound site. The structure of these forceps allows them to handle the small portions of the injury. The activities like cleaning the blood, handling small wound stripes, and relevant integral activities include forceps. 

Following are the main features of these forceps which make them an eminent surgical tool for the surgeons: 

  • These forceps have sensitive blades which can precisely hold the minute cotton products with less effort. 
  • The superior ribbed pattern of these forceps provides efficient control of the entire forceps in surgical tasks. 
  • The spring mechanism renders the surgeon a great amount of force to drive and navigate the forceps in the desired way. 
  • Adson Forceps Serrated

The ribbed pattern of the forceps makes them an efficient tool for grabbing tissues and other cotton objects. Their structure has a tensile strength which enables them to hold the thick tissues. The handle is also ribbed for exerting the required force from the handle up to the working blades. 

Benefits of Using Adson Forceps

These surgical picking tools, which are forceps, are among the most widely used set of surgical tools. This fact owes to their advantages and the accentuated features which make the surgeries smooth. 

  • Efficient Procedures 

The forceps in all the fields of applications make the surgeries free of complications. When used with the right approach, the forceps can prove to be remarkable surgical tools. They require proper maintenance. This helps the surgeon to effortlessly conduct the necessary surgical tasks on the patients. The precision of the forceps during the surgeries alleviates the chances of stress for the patients. Moreover, their structure does not make them slide through the hands of the user. If this happens, the forceps can end up rupturing the adjacent anatomical structures. This can lead to severe pain and damage as well. In order to protect the surgery from such complications, surgeons rely on forceps for efficient surgical procedures.

  • Thorough Sterilization

Like all the surgical equipment, forceps also need proper maintenance and intermittent cleaning. Due to the frequent utilization of these forceps, their sharp blades can become dull. The dull blades hinder the sharp laceration and picking of the objects when required. The dull blades cannot serve the purpose of the sharp blades. This causes complications during the surgery. For this not to happen, it is important to properly lubricate the steel parts of the forceps. Sterilization and drying are important as well. Complete technical checking for rusting and other mechanical issues is vital to increase their efficiency as surgical tools. All these measures enhance the durability and performance of these forceps. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of Adson forceps?

These forceps are used for handling the tissues present in the skin closures. 

Are there teeth present on Adson’s forceps?

Yes, these forceps have fine tooth tips. These teeth tips help to grasp the tissues gently. 

Wrap Up

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