CLAT Preparation Tips and Tricks
CLAT Preparation Tips and Tricks

CLAT Preparation Tips – Study Plan to Crack CLAT Exam

The Consortium of NLU has announced that CLAT 2022 will be conducted on May 08, 2022. One of the most competitive law entrance exams, CLAT is the gateway to the national law universities in the country. So, candidates need to prepare well to get a good rank in CLAT 2022. CLAT preparation ideally revolves around covering the syllabus, practicing a lot of comprehension-based questions to improve reading ability, and solving a good number of sample papers before going for the exam. Appear in the exam. However, even after knowing the basics of CLAT preparation, many candidates fail to get the desired result. Hence, in this article candidates will get a detailed preparation guide for CLAT 2022. This will help them to make the right strategy to crack CLAT 2022 with good marks.

CLAT Preparation 2022 – How to start?

For CLAT beginners, the CLAT syllabus and pattern should form the basis of their preparation. They must be aware of each and every topic covered in the CLAT syllabus along with their subject-wise weightage. It will provide them a path to make their preparation in the right direction. The CLAT syllabus is vast and consists of many subjects. However, candidates can check the subject-wise distribution of questions and marks in the table given below.

CLAT 2022 Preparation Tips – Know about important topics

CLAT should be a stronghold of the candidates in important subjects. The exam structure has been changed in recent years and now more focus is given on the reading skills of the candidates. Still, the importance of the traditional CLAT topics has not been undermined. In fact, in most of the CLAT papers in the last two years, more conceptual questions have been asked in CLAT than ever before. So, here we have listed some CLAT important topics that candidates can cover in their preparation.

Check previous year papers and exam analysis

To make the preparation perfect, candidates must go through the previous year’s CLAT Papers. These papers will help them understand the type of questions asked in the exam and the level of difficulty. Candidates can check the section-wise CLAT exam analysis of previous year papers to know which section had difficult or easy questions. A brief description of the previous year’s CLAT exam analysis is given below.

Improve reading skills – accuracy and speed

There will be around 28 to 30 passages in CLAT 2022. To read all the passages and answer the underlying questions, candidates must have the exceptionally good reading ability. The ability to read and understand passages quickly will put CLAT candidates ahead of all other candidates. Reading speed will also determine a candidate’s ability to complete the exam paper within two hours. So candidates must make a habit of reading complicated passages, especially legal magazines while preparing for the exam.

Read newspaper articles and current affairs

Newspapers are one of the most important sources of CLAT preparation. The most preferred newspapers for CLAT preparation are The Hindu and The Indian Express. Reading newspaper will help the candidates in many ways like –

  • Improve English Grammar and Vocabulary
  • improve reading skills
  • Current Affairs and Legal Aptitude Preparation

Consistency is Key

Continuity is the key to ensuring success in CLAT 2022. This not only helps in the timely completion of the CLAT syllabus but also brings in speed in the preparation. Hence, candidates must make a study timetable and daily routine to prepare for CLAT and follow the plan in a dedicated manner.

Solve CLAT Sample Papers and Mocks

CLAT preparation is incomplete without sample paper. By practicing CLAT sample papers or CLAT practice tests and previous year papers, candidates will get familiar with the exam. Candidates will be able to know about the difficulty of the exam, type of questions asked in the exam.

Candidates are advised to solve CLAT sample papers in exam-like situations. It is recommended to keep a watch while solving the CLAT Sample Papers to ensure that the test is completed on time.

After solving the CLAT question papers, candidates must devote enough time to the analysis of the results. This exercise will help the candidates to know their strengths and weaknesses.

Stay Healthy and Fit

Candidates preparing for CLAT 2022 must take care of their health. They should take proper diet and do necessary exercise to keep themselves fit. Physically and mentally fit candidates will be able to prepare well continuously till the time of examination.

CLAT 2022: Tips for Excel


  • Join Law Prep Tutorial Exam Prep’s CLAT Study Package.
  • Choose a good newspaper, and read it daily, also make short notes of CLAT related topics from that newspaper.
  • Maintain the habit of reading and writing daily.
  • Make a separate notebook for each section.
  • Don’t make up the whole day by studying just one topic, change your subjects at regular intervals to eliminate boredom.
  • There is no exact limit to the syllabus of CLAT, so try to study as much as you can, and practice as many mocks as you can during the last one month before the exam.
  • If you really want to get the dream title of ‘AIR 1’ with your name on it, then remove any scope of procrastination within you.
  • Maintain a work-life balance with proper sleep and proper diet.
  • Make a rigid schedule and stick to it.


  • Don’t underestimate cleats. Thinking that it is too easy will ruin your chances of getting admission in NLU. Around 65,000 students appeared in CLAT, 2019 for around 2500 available seats. So, to get admission in NLU, you have to clear at least 97% of CLAT test takers.
  • Don’t think that your fluency in English communication will help you in any way to pass the CLAT. The English section in CLAT aims to test your grammar and reading and interpretation skills and not your communication skills.
  • Don’t depend on last minute studies.
  • Do not ignore any section completely. There are many instances where students often skip the preparation of the Mathematics section as it carries only 20 marks. However, such an approach can reduce your chances of cracking CLAT.
  • Do not try to solve each and every question. Your smartness is the real test in CLAT as you have to race against time. So learn to identify easy, average, and difficult questions.
  • Skip the more time-consuming question and don’t waste time on it.
    Do not make any extra notes during the last week of the exam and revise only the notes made earlier.

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