Clip In Color Streaks For Black Hair 2021
Clip In Color Streaks For Black Hair 2021

Clip In Color Streaks For Black Hair 2021

Keeping up with the trends, you must be well aware of the wonders that hair colors can do. Hair colors, whether subtle highlights or a drastic change, can instantly transform your look. At some point in our lives, we all experience an all-too-familiar sensation: a dramatic phase caused due to the inability to decide on our appearance. Color combinations can make or break your look. So, it’s natural to feel hesitant when experimenting with new tones. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for plain old jet black hair.

Here, we’ll walk you through a variety of clip-in hairstreaks that will excite and enhance your look. We incline to teach you how to wear bold colors without failing, from bold green and peachy hues to chic pink and blue ensembles. Are you ready to embrace the vibrance? Here are some of our favorite hair streaks for black hair to try this year.  

#1. Red Hilties 

Red Hilites
Look rad with red clip-in highlights 

First up, we have red highlights and they are all the rage this season. Bold, bright, and spicy, the hair color is not only beautiful, but it also looks stunning when paired with black hair. Whether you choose to wear a ponytail, long layered hair, or short hair with bangs, you can clip in the red hilites fuss-free. Soften up a classic look with this bright pop of color, and you’ll definitely love it. This color combo works well on women with all skin tones and hair lengths, including long hair with extensions.  

#2. Dark Pink Highlights 

Dark Pink Clip-in Hair Streaks
Bold and feminine look with swirly pink highlights

Thinking of hairstyles with pink whirly highlights: it can take you back to your childhood dream house. Dark pink is best suited for exuding a bold yet feminine side of you. Black hair dyed with dark pink hilites are captivating and this striking combination makes all the difference. Adding dark pink highlights may sound intriguing, and a bit daunting for some, so before you take the plunge and dye your hair, we recommend experimenting with Clip-In Hair Streaks.

#3. Dark Blue Highlights 

Dark Blue Hilites
Prep yourself to look the best with vibrant colors

Combine midnight blue with black hair and you will get have a color match that is bright and bold. You don’t have to break it up with a neutral color like blonde or beige for a flawless blend, and it’s one of those combinations that work well with hair accessories like stone barrettes for versatile styling options. So, broaden your horizons and prepare yourself to look your best. 

#4. Aqua Blue Highlights 

Aqua Blue
Channel the summer’s ocean vibe with blue hilties

If you wanna get the best of summer’s ocean vibes, it doesn’t get better than the aqua blue highlights. If the dark blue highlights aren’t for you, but you still want to channel the summer’s vibe – try aqua blue hue that is super versatile. One of the best parts of aqua hair is that it flatters both cool and warm skin tones. Pair with wavy layered hair for a color melt effect that brings out the shine in your aqua locks of clip-in extension.

#5. Green Clip-in Hilties

Look fresh and futuristic look with green highlights 
Look fresh and futuristic look with green highlights

If you’re one of those trendy women who dare to put on chic hairstyles in blue, you’re a fun trendsetter, especially this season because green highlights are a fab futuristic look. The green highlights teamed with dark roots on a medium layered hair are all about making your look delicate and edgy. Simply throw in a few tresses of green to look fresh and fascinating. These green highlights are a quick way to look sexy without much effort and keep you on everyone’s radar.  

#6. Light Green Clip-ins 

Light Green Clip-in Hair Streaks
Put on your grin with green highlights

Treat yourself with green subtle streaks and create a youthful radiance. Without taking the emphasis from your naturally dark hair, light green tones add a refreshing and sophisticated look. Green colors compliment complement olive and darker skin tones and work well with all types of hair. You can clip in the highlight from any angle of your head, beginning at the crowns’ roots or near your eye line, and swirl its way down naturally.  

#7. Light Pink Clip-in Streaks 

Light Pink Hilites
Give yourself a classic look with light pink highlights

The pink hair trend is timeless. It is one of the classic color choices, and you might consider it as a thing of the past, but they are still as popular and it doesn’t seem like the trend will fade anytime soon. Tanto dark skin tones will benefit the most from this color because any shade of this dreamy color looks stunning on them. 

The darker the hair, the more color treatment you’ll need to achieve your light pink hair goal. So, instead of jeopardizing your hair by coloring it, try out these hassle-free clip-in pink hilites. There are a plethora of pink colors, but light pink is ideal for developing a style that is neither too bright nor too subtle. It hits right on the spot; it’ll surely help to unfurl good hair days. 

Tip: Pink hair can fade quickly if not properly maintained at home, so consult with an expert on what products to use, how frequently you should wash your clip-in hair, and styling dos and don’ts.  

#8. Light Blue Hilties 

Light Blue Hilties 
Throw in some light blue streaks and look your best

Darker blue shades are incredible, but light blue hair has a very cool vibe to it. It gives your look an icy effect. If you’re not sure whether you want aqua hair, dark blue hair, or a combination of the two, light blue shades are your best bet. 

If you have naturally black hair, light blue streaks will complement it. The combination of light blue highlights and dark roots makes a different impression. To create a strong base for the clip-in hilites, divide your hair into sections and tease the roots. To achieve a natural-colored look, place the blue hilites a few inches below the crown. Blend the highlights with your natural hair using your fingers. With blue highlights, you can create a lovely gradual colored effect. 

There are endless hair colors to choose from. We’re not just talking about blondes, redheads, and browns. We’re also talking about embracing all of the vigor colors. Perhaps it’s time to think beyond the boundaries you have set with your look by adding in these clip-in hilites. Clip-in highlights will give you your favorite hair color anywhere, anytime the mood strikes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with DIva Divines’ Clip-in Hilties and create a rich tapestry of colors that will amp up your look. 

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