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Clothing Ideas For Your 9 To 5 Job- Professional and Casual

First time working in corporate and confused about what to and what not to wear at your 9 to 5 job? 

Worried about what is considered appropriate and inappropriate clothing ideas for your office culture? It is obvious for us to be a little anxious since first impressions are important and must be done right.

Don’t worry after reading this piece I’m sure most of your doubts will be cleared.  The next Monday morning you will no longer worry about your fit. 

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Things to keep in Mind 

While shopping for office wear there are a few things you should keep in mind such as the ongoing trends, the importance of casual wear, and others. Well, let’s just simply tell you some pointers about clothing ideas for business casuals. 

Is it a strict school-like uniform code?

Ummm No! It’s not a strict “you have to wear only this” sort of rule.

But still, there are some do’s and don’ts of the business casual you need to know. 

men's office casual wear


Gone are those days when men were required to wear suits and ties all throughout the working days. No matter how sleek and classy it looks it is not at all a wearable option. When the temperature goes a scale-up everyone wants those coats down. 

Even though this shift has been good news it has left many scratching their heads about “What to wear?”

Despite being a bit uncomfortable option during warmer days; it was still a straightforward option that did not require putting any extra thought into it.

The new trend does not require you to wear a coat or a jacket. A simple tucked-in button-down shirt with simple pants would be just fine.

Before we drive in the whole thing of business casuals. The in-depth details of how to dress at your workplace are below. Let’s just lay down some minimal  you should keep in your mind:

  • Shorts are a big NO-NO!
  • Goodbye light shaded jeans
  • A big NO for casual t-shirts
  • Let’s give sandals and flip flops a break
  • Sorry but white sneakers are not your go-to shoes anymore
  • Ties are appropriate occasionally 
  • Casual boots are not okay every time
  • Dress boots are your new friend here
  • Tucked-in shirts are A MUST!
  •  Blazer and coats are always appropriate 


Just keep these few pointers in mind and you are all set about your everyday fits for the workplace.

But if you want to master the art of dressing for your daily 9 to 5 job and avoid any fashion mistakes go on reading…….


Considering you work at a standard 9-to-5 corporate job. Your weekdays would be a mix of serious meetings to a no meetings a bit relaxed days and if lucky enough some casual Fridays too. Here is what your fits must look like:


Clothing Ideas for Monday Look- 


After a chill weekend, the devil is finally here. To impress your boss’s boss is the task today. While I can’t help you with your presentation; assure with these tips you’d surely have a great first impression. This is what your meeting day outfit should look like.

  • Basic wool trousers (grey, blue, black, or white).
  • White pure cotton shirt for men with a matching tie.
  • A dark-colored coat (navy blue, brown, grey, or a classic black)
  • Black or brown loafers 

And do not forget to do your presentation well and you are all set to rock the meeting.

formal party look


After the meeting Monday, some laid-back days are here. These days are the no-big meeting days. You simply need to get your minimal( not so minimal) task done. No big events, no need for a decked-up coat look. Go for some comfortable and staple pieces here some of which can be:

  • Cotton trousers – tan, olive, navy.
  • Fun Printed cotton printed shirts or Rajasthani hand block shirts as well as Funky T-shirts.
  • A Hoodie or sweater for sweet winters or fall.
  • For footwear, simple bluchers, wingtips, Chelsea boots or loafers can be your go-to options.

office party outfit


The wait is finally over and the weekends are finally here. And I know you can’t wait to party this weekend. 

Friday at most places is a casual day but at some places, it might not be. For places it is a no-casual day, you can go for your regular tucked-in shirt, pants, and loafer look.

For offices that are chill and laid back on Friday you can bring a bit of comfort and casualness to your outfit with: 

  • Slim, dark-colored jeans.
  • A sports shirt or a polo fit is always tucked in.
  • For footwear, the traditional Chelsea boots, chukkas, loafers, bluchers, or wingtips would do the need full.

Cotton shirt for men

This completes your outfit for the whole weekend. These are some basic ideas I have provided you can always play it up here and there. Create a new look with these clothing ideas and pin it to us in the comment section. 

Accessorising is important for any outfit for any day. The basic ones include:

  • Belts:

A simple belt adds to your overall look. Since you are wearing a tucked-in shirt it is quite obvious your belt might show up. So a good dark textured belt is a safe option to consider. \

  • Pocket Square:

Pocket squares are always optional. However, a good pocket square adds a bit of sophistication to your normal look. Try to make it match your outfit, and you’re in great shape. It is like an interesting detail that elevates your fit. 

  • Socks:

You might not consider them as an accessory but they are sure the small details you need to pay attention to. The key rule here is to match them with your suits.

They are here to complement your outfit and not be a distraction. So a pop of color and simple ones that match your overall clothes is the best option.

  • Tie:

One of the integral elements in your outfit. A tie can add so many elements to your fit. It is important to choose one that goes well with your shirt. The knot, the patterns, and the color here play an important role. Keep it simple and experiment with the shades of grey, blue and red. 



Now I hope you have mastered the business casual and professional clothing ideas. It can be a bit confusing at times but you can simply follow this guide. And remember a good fit and simplicity is the key. 

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