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Coaching Vs Self Study: How Will You Get Success In The Examination?

Are you preparing for competitive exams like JEE or NEET? And confused about joining a coaching institute or doing it by yourself. 

You are not alone in having this question in your mind. The majority of students are suffering from the same dilemma. Some students lack time, some don’t have money to attend coaching classes, and others lack motivation. Some students want to study alone but need proper attention, and many want to join a coaching institute but are confused about whether teachers can give them proper guidance.

In this blog, let’s look at some significant points and the pros and cons of self-study and joining a coaching institute; in the end, we will discuss how you can take advantage of PW courses in your study.

Coaching VS Self Study

Well, joining a coaching institute is not bad. Some subject needs special attention. For example Maths, you can learn all Maths Formulas, but you need to learn the right approach to solve the question.

Before we dive into the conclusion, here are a few things worth mentioning. 

Depending on the region students, below are statistics of students who want to join coaching institutes or prefer self-study.

Zone % of Students Self Study % of Students Coaching classes
Bombay 52.6 47.4
Delhi 47.1 52.9
Guwahati 61.4 38.6
Kanpur 54.8 45.2
Madras 39.4 60.6
Roorkee 55.1 44.9
All India 52 48

After seeing this data, you might be amazed that half of the students are taking coaching classes. But there is a catch; just see how many students do self-study around you. And how many students seriously prepare for competitive exams? Only 30 to 40% of students seriously do competitive exams preparation, and only 10% of students do or dye situation. 


To make the right decision, knowing your needs is important. Please consider these points before making your decision.

  • Study Material

Coaching Classes provide brief in-depth study materials. Some focus on theory, and some focus on practical. Coaching classes are like Instant Cup Noodles. You just need a cup of boiling water to eat it. You will get everything ready, like study materials and lecture notes. 

Whereas self-study is like a packet of maggie; to eat it, you will have to do all the preparation, cook it then you can eat it. Different institutes are now trying to solve this problem, like Physics Wallah’s Arjuna batch. Here you will get all the essential study material, teachers, mentors, and so many things at a very low price.

  • Motivation

Motivation is a big issue. After some time, everybody was tired of doing the same thing. So many students complain that they are not feeling motivated enough to study. And it happens you are not an imaginary superhero. Even sometimes, they need a push. For us, we need to re-motivate ourselves from time to time. In Coaching classes, teachers are a great source of motivation. But sometimes, due to a large batch, teachers won’t be able to give you proper attention, and you may feel left out and demotivated. 

If you are doing self-study, you can read books and watch affirmation videos to motivate yourself.

  • Doubt Clearing

Do you need a teacher to clear your doubts? What if you get stuck with a question? Students in coaching classes can take help from their teachers. However, this is not always the case. If there are more than 100 children in a class, how can one teacher answer everyone’s questions? Also, asking questions in front of the class can be embarrassing. In both cases, you should discuss difficult issues with your friends.

You will face this problem in self-study too. Ya, there is a solution available online. For example, if you are solving any maths questions and get stuck, you can see its solution online, but you need someone to understand it.

  • Cost

When you join a coaching institute, you have to pay a fixed amount of money to join the coaching institute. You can join a coaching institute by going there, or you can do it online while sitting at your home. While if you opt for self-study, you can save a lot of money from your parents. 

  • Competitiveness

Is competition good in the study? Yes, it’s a very good source of motivation. In coaching classes, you always compete with your peers. This will help you to work hard and improve yourself. But if you opt for self-study, don’t lose hope. You can take help from the internet to find your competitor. There are so many groups and pages where you can join a large student community.

  • Preparation Strategy

To Clear Board Exam or any other competitive exam, a good preparation strategy is a decisive factor in whether you will clear that exam or not. Coaching classes will give you a ready-made study plan. But it’s just like “One-Size-fit for all.” Every individual is different and has a different approach to studying. This one needs personal guidance and research. If you opt for self-study, you can refer to some topper’s study strategy and modify it according to your needs. But it should be realistic, and you can follow it regularly.

Attention Please

Before deciding to study on your own, the first thing you need to remember is to focus on your studies. Successful completion of this self-study process requires time and a lot of research and development. Between coaching and self-study, self-study involves a lot of planning and discipline. Coaching classes, on the other hand, provide detailed study materials and a list of frequently asked questions. However, if you study alone, that is not the case.

Overall, each student should consider the above factors before making a decision. Aspiring candidates should complete practice tests and solve as many problems as possible to get a fair idea of ​​their strengths and weaknesses.

Also, Read Ncert solutions for class 6 Maths Notes are available in PDF Format.


Before joining a coaching institute or opting for self-study, every student should consider the above points. It’s not necessary to join a coaching institute to clear competitive exams. During my engineering, I met so many students who cleared the test by self-study. You just have to believe in yourself. Your mindset should be, “Even if one student clears the exam, I will be that one.”


1- Which is the best Coaching or Self-Study to clear NEET?

Suppose you are someone who wants to go at your own pace and your routine. For you, self-study will be best. Coaching institutes follow a fixed schedule and a study plan which you will have to follow for one year or two.

2- How Can I self-study without coaching?

Here are the five steps to start your self-study journey.

  1. Start your preparation with proper research about the NEET syllabus and exam pattern.
  2. Choose the best study material (Not by name, but you understand it well)
  3. Plan your study. Have a proper time-bound timetable.
  4. Practice is essential; solve every problem present in NCERT Books.
  5. Finally, when you complete your syllabus, give a mock test and solve NEET’s last five-year question papers. 

3- Is self-study better than joining coaching institutes?

It depends on student to student. Some students find self-study best, and others prefer joining coaching institutes. After the pandemic, there is a new trend emerged. Last year the students who opted for self-study fared better than those who joined coaching institutes. 


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