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Would you like to keep your child busy in a creative way? Then you have come to the right place with our coloring pages and coloring pictures. In our large selection of coloring pages for every taste, you are sure to find the right coloring pages for your child.

Do your little ones like unicorns , dragons or horses ? Or maybe they prefer cars and trains ? Does your child have a favorite fairy tale or animal? On our website you are sure to find the right motif as a coloring picture to print out. Your child can simply choose a coloring page with their favorite motif. Then you just have to print it out and you can get started. Download coloring pages to print at Disegni da colorare e stampare

Why coloring pages are beneficial for children

It has been scientifically proven that coloring pages are beneficial. The best thing about coloring pages is that they are fun. By the way, the creativity and mobility of your child are also encouraged when coloring.

In addition, by coloring in one of our coloring pages, you will practice how you can do your own thing. By choosing the colors and pens independently, you can let your creativity run free. Due to the clear outline of the coloring page, you will quickly have a sense of achievement. You will soon dare to paint your own pictures .

In this way, they are playfully encouraged to come up with something of their own. Our coloring pages help you to realize yourself creatively.

Positive effects of coloring pages for child development

Scientists have found that coloring pictures improves hand-eye coordination. You learn in a playful way to pick up pens safely and use them correctly. This will help your child learn to write more easily in school.

It also trains you to concentrate better and to stick with it. When your child chooses colors and paints the different shapes on the coloring page, they will concentrate in a relaxed way all by themselves. That way it is great preparation for school.

By the way, it is not so important whether your child paints within the lines of the coloring page or not. The positive effects have nevertheless been proven by science.

Which motifs your child likes

Does your child have a favorite series or a favorite animal? Then choose a coloring page in which it recognizes its heroes from television. Offer them coloring pages on which they can find a familiar motif.

For example, if you have been to the zoo with your little ones, you can then look for suitable coloring pages with animals on our website. The best thing to do is to choose coloring pages on which you can recognize your favorite animals from the zoo.

In the cold season, coloring pictures for Christmas are particularly popular. Santa Claus or a Christmas tree can be seen on it. In springtime, coloring pages are particularly good for Easter. The Easter bunny or a bouquet of flowers can then be seen on it.

Another tip from us: It is always good if you print out several different coloring pages at the same time. In this way, your child can choose the motif that they like best. Even if you’re not exactly sure what they might like, it makes sense to print out a selection of different coloring pages.

Perhaps you now feel like coloring in a coloring page with your child. It will definitely be happy if you take part. Our coloring pages for adults are a bit more demanding and are also a lot of fun for the grown-ups !

Which colors are best for your child

Even small children enjoy coloring pictures. The younger the little ones are, the fewer lines the motif should have. Because then it is easier to paint. If the fields are big enough to color, it will quickly have a sense of achievement when coloring. It is best to give your child thick pencils that they can hold in their hand.

If your little ones can’t handle crayons or felt-tip pens yet, thick crayons are a good choice. If you choose a coloring page with large fields for your child to color, they can cope with this challenge well with blunt pencils. Then you will soon feel like doing more difficult coloring pages.

Colored pencils or felt-tip pens are ideal for children who are still in kindergarten. If they are already going to school, you can offer them watercolors to color in. But you should always pay attention to the quality of the pens and colors. It shouldn’t contain any toxins. You can read on the packaging of the pens whether they are suitable for your child.

When sharpening the crayons, you should help so that it doesn’t hurt itself. Otherwise there are no limits to the imagination and fun when coloring in the coloring pages. We wish you and your child a lot of fun browsing through our versatile coloring pages and pictures.

Spiderman coloring pages

Spiderman da Colorare 21Spiderman da Colorare 19Spiderman da Colorare 20

Spiderman has always been a popular superhero, but he has never been a more powerful pop culture force than he is now. He is a prominent part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, played by Tom Holland with the perfect balance of boyish fear and joy. The video game Spiderman for the PS4 broke records and became PlayStation’s top-selling title with 3.3 million copies sold in the first three days.

Download Spiderman coloring pages for children at spiderman da colorare e stampare
Over 56 years ago, when Steve Ditko and Stan Lee sat down to draw the first frames of Spiderman, I don’t think they could have understood the cultural juggernaut they created. This character would be the landmark Marvel Universe for a younger audience. With a young teenager Peter Parker as its protagonist, Spiderman has starred generation after generation of children around the world. What is it about the magic imbued with superhero skills in the nerdy kid that makes them so attractive to kids?

5 interesting facts about Spiderman

  • Spider-Man, created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, first appeared in Amazing Fantasy # 15 in August 1962.
  • Spiderman shouldn’t really be a spiderbased superhero. Stan Lee originally wanted to make a comic based on a fly or an insect, but decided on a spider.
  • Marvel’s first spider was actually Spider-Man. Journey into Mystery, released a month before its first appearance, featured a giant spider.
  • The high school library used for one of the “The Amazing Spider-Man” battle scenes used a separate stage and was made up of nearly 3,000 feet of fake Styrofoam books with real covers.
  • Spider-Man worked wonders for us youngsters; he was, in fact, the first teenage hero not to be an adult’s helper.

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