Common problems you face in a drywall

Drywall is an instant solution to hide the imperfections in the house and even create a partition in a room. Being super easy to install, it’s also a very pocket-friendly option. What’s more, these drywalls are really very successful in blocking the sounds coming from another room and are just like your normal walls but at a minimal budget. But, like everything else, these drywalls are prone to some serious problems as well.

Some issues you face in your drywall repair

You can either try installing the drywall all by yourself or call the experts in interior plastering in Auckland like Ayda Plastering and Decorating. They are trained in all kinds of plastering jobs and do excellent work of painting your house as well. Now, you’ll certainly face some kinds of problems at some point or other with your drywalls when you try to install them by yourself.

  • Drywall doesn’t have a stud

A stud is basically a solid base or surface on which the edges of your drywall land. But if yours isn’t getting the support of this stud, the wall can hang temporarily on its own, but if you are considering long-term functionality, be aware that it will develop cracks and might even break. This problem occurs when your drywall is broader or longer than your stud. Now, the solutions — pick the stud that supports your wall or attach another one if space is less.

  • Over-sanded dry walls

Most of you in the quest of attaining a smooth surface tend to sand your drywalls more. This can be a good option if you are stopping at the right time. But if you go beyond the limit and over sand it, then you sand even the paper of fiberglass tapes in the seam. This weakens the structure overall. You can only prevent this problem from occurring by sanding wisely or getting the entire procedure done via an expert.

  • Drywall screws piercing in too far

If you are driving the screws in too deeply in the drywall, it penetrates into the structure and weakens the surface. The problem stays bigger than you can imagine because it can even break the surface. Try tilting the screw by giving it a quarter turn and push gently on the surface while installing them.

  • Misaligned holes in electrical boxes

Some of you want to install the drywall along with having a space cut out for the electrical boxes. Well, the problem arises when you can’t properly cut the electrical box’s shape and it gets misaligned. The best way to avoid this is by drawing a line of the shape of the electrical box and then cutting it perfectly.

All these problems do commonly occur in your drywall whenever you try the DIY techniques or hire amateurs. As you read above, sometimes these issues can be rectified immediately, but a few times you face a tremendous loss. That is why the only suggestion we have for you here is not to try this installation technique on your own. Do call an expert who’ll happily carry out the entire task for you (flawlessly too!) within no time.


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