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Comparison of WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal: Which one to use?

Can’t decide which instant messaging app to use? You can solve this problem by comparing WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal.

If you want to move to a new instant messaging app after the privacy agreement recently shown to users, but you are not sure which instant messaging app will meet your needs, compare our Whatsapp, Telegram and Signal article Can help you. At the end of this article, you can easily decide which of these programs to use.

WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal Comparison: Which is Better?
WhatsApp Messenger, which was acquired by Facebook a few years ago and joined the company, now has more than 2 billion monthly active users. Telegram has more than 400 million monthly active telegram real members. Signal, on the other hand, is the least popular instant messaging app on the list, with 10-20 million monthly active users. Judging by the numbers, WhatsApp seems to be a very popular messenger app.

While Signal, an open source instant messaging app, is seen as a messaging app with very few users alongside WhatsApp Messenger and Telegram, Telegram has a monthly number of active users, allowing you to be much closer, unlike Signal. To WhatsApp Messenger.

So, is it enough to just look at the number of monthly active users when choosing an instant messaging app? In fact, many factors must be taken into account, in particular the reliability of the program, respect for user privacy. Thanks to the differences that we will put in our article in stridepost, here we compare three instant messaging programs, you will have the opportunity to better learn which program will help you.

Compare WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal security
First of all, let’s start with a topic that users of the popular Facebook messenger app have recently put on the agenda. If you are concerned about security, you probably want to use the instant messaging app that offers you the best security service. Below, you can fully understand how all three instant messaging programs provide security.

WhatsApp security
WhatsApp Messenger uses end-to-end encryption. Thanks to this encryption, all messages, video calls, voice calls, photos and all the elements that you share through the app are finally encrypted in WhatsApp messenger. This means that you and the recipient are not the only ones who can read the messages you send to people. Due to the encryption of WhatsApp messages, calls, photos and the like, access to your content is not possible and therefore your privacy is protected.

While WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption for all chats, it is noteworthy that the company does not provide any encryption in the backup. Also, no encryption is applied to the metadata used to communicate. This is one of the most critical security features of WhatsApp Messenger. While metadata does not provide access to the content of messages, it does indicate the time and duration of sending the message to someone.

The above is just what happens in the background. WhatsApp Messenger also has security features for most users. This app offers the built-in app lock feature in both Android and iOS apps. You can use this feature if you do not want to access your WhatsApp chats other than you. In addition to the feature we mentioned, you can also enable two-factor authentication to keep your chats secure.

WhatsApp generally does a good job of keeping users safe, but the app has recently had several privacy scandals. One of these scandals appeared when WhatsApp group invitation links appeared in Google search.

Security by Telegram
As an application that emphasizes the importance of security for Telegram users, it has taken several important steps to confirm its promises and has provided useful features for users to enjoy good security features. Unfortunately, these features are not enough to make users completely secure.

There are several problems with how Telegram encrypts messages and other information. The first point is that although Telegram supports end-to-end encryption, this option must be enabled manually. However, the only way to use end-to-end encryption in Telegram is to use the private chat feature.

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