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Convert Windows Live Mail Emails to MBOX Files

For converting Microsoft Live Mail to MBOX format, it seems to be the best option. This is because a wide variety of accounts, including Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, and others, support MBOX files, but Windows Live Mail is an out-dated programme. You may check your data from a number of email applications if you convert Windows Live Mail emails to MBOX.

How can Windows Live Mail be exported to MBOX?

Utilizing an account that is MBOX-compatible is the first step in converting WLM to MBOX. You may use the Thunderbird email client, which is compatible with the format, to create MBOX files from the WLM data. You may also use the Entourage, Postbox or SeaMonkey account if you are configured to.

Windows Live Mail is the account that stores its data in EML files, which you may already be aware of. Thunderbird is by far the most widely used email client, even though it is the only one that supports both MBOX and EML file formats. Therefore, you must first import your WLM EML files into the Thunderbird email client before exporting your data into the MBOX format.

As a result, this is the first approach you may use to convert Windows Live Mail emails to MBOX files. You are invited to read the comprehensive instructions provided below. It won’t be difficult for you to find out how to upload Windows Live Mail folders to MBOX if you carefully follow the instructions.

How to convert Windows Live Mail Emails to MBOX Manually?

Procedure 1: Export Windows Live Mail Emails as EML Files

  • Open Windows Live Mail and log in. Select Mail from the File menu, then Options, and finally Mail.
  • After choosing the Advanced tab, click the Maintenance option.
  • Click the Store Folder’s icon to open it.
  • You may copy and paste your message’s whole path because it is presented here.

Now, if you follow the directions and head to the folder where EML files are kept, you will discover that every communication is kept in the EML format. When you open that folder, it will become clear.

  • It is time to import the EML files into the Thunderbird application once you have located all of them.

You are now prepared to continue after exporting all of your EML files from Windows Live Mail. It’s time to import all of these EML files into Thunderbird so that.mbox files may be created. Therefore, you must first install Thunderbird email software on your PC in order to convert Windows Live Mail to MBOX format.

Procedure 2: Upload EML Files into Thunderbird Account

  • Create a new folder in which to put the eml files.
  • Click on the newly created folder using the right mouse button.
  • Simply pick the directory, then click the “Import all messages from a directory” option under the ImportExportTools menu.
  • Locate the “eml files” folder on your computer’s desktop.
  • Ensure that the directory’s folders are all chosen.
  • Each and every message will be imported together with its associated folder structure.

The folder in question will be generated in MBOX format following the successful import of all EML files into Thunderbird. To get your MBOX files in their various forms, you may now export that folder from your Thunderbird account.

Consequently, the first way to convert Windows Live Mail emails to MBOX format is this one. However, the procedure takes a lot of time and necessitates hiring a different client in addition to requiring the fulfilment of other tasks.

Therefore, if you find the manual method to transfer Windows Live Mail folders to MBOX confusing, you might want to look at the following method instead. It is really easy to use and only requires you to follow a few simple steps to convert WLM to MBOX. If you search online, you could come across this strategy.

How to simply Export Microsoft Live Mail to MBOX Format?

When converting folders from Windows Live Mail to MBOX, using the Windows Live Mail Converter application is the method that demands the least amount of user time and effort. Multiple messages can be converted from Windows Live Mail to MBOX format using this strategy. It also provides a concise and unambiguous explanation of the actions that must be completed in order to complete the project. We fervently advise that you read them in order to have a greater understanding of how the programme operates.

Process to Transfer Windows Live Mail to MBOX

  • Download the programme first. Once downloaded, ensure that the installation is finished before using the tool to convert Windows Live Mail emails to MBOX.
  • Once the software has launched, go to the Open tab. Click the drop-down menu there to choose Open Windows Live Mail Accounts or Folder.
  • After you have gone to the WLM Folders you want to convert to MBOX, you must choose them.
  • You will have the chance to check the data after uploading all of the WLM apps before it is transformed.
  • Go to the Export Tab and make your decision there if you want to save your messages in MBOX format.
  • You may select a folder where you want the output files to go by selecting the Browse option. All it takes to export Windows Live Mail to an MBOX file is to click the Save button.

You will be informed once your WLM files have been successfully converted to the MBOX format. Windows Live Mail can be converted to MBOX format with this level of ease. Please read the section that follows if you’d want to learn more about the Windows Live Mail to MBOX export utility.

Discover Some Characteristics of the Automated Approach:

  • Conversion Capacity: You may convert Windows Live Mail emails to MBOX in bulk with this tool. Users are free to convert as many files as they require because the utility has no restrictions on the number of files that may be converted at once.
  • Analyze Function: The preview option, which is a feature of the programme, enables users to browse through their Windows Live Mail files. This part of the application allows you to preview the emails and attachments that are stored within the Windows Live Mail files before converting them.
  • Multiple Preview Modes: This function of the programme enables you to analyse Windows Live Mail files in a variety of ways. Which is helpful for forensic examination of Windows Live Mail files. With this tool, you may examine emails in both hex and raw format.
  • Search Option: You may use the search mode to look for certain emails or attachments that were sent from a given address or over a specific period of time. To get to the feature, utilise the search bar on the tool.
  • Final Migration: If you go this route, all of the email messages from Windows Live Mail may be imported into MBOX without any data loss. Contacts and attachments may be converted to the MBOX format.
  • Choose Your Migration: Using the folders selection option, users of this method can regularly transmit their Windows Live Mail messages to MBOX. Which folders are altered and which are kept intact is entirely up to you.


You may convert Windows Live Mail emails to MBOX considerably more easily. You have access to the manual migration process from WLM to MBOX at this time. On the other hand, you may use the automated way. The automated approach provides a high level of protection while maintaining the folder hierarchy. WLM files may be exported in bulk by following just a few simple steps. To understand everything there is to know about the method, you must read the entire essay.

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