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Coolsculpting vs Kybella: Which is best for a double chin?

Once you develop a double chin, no dieting and exercise will take your chin back to normal. For a long time, people had a surgery option to fix the double chin. But things have changed now. You can have a nonsurgical method to reduce a double chin- not one but two ways. Coolsculpting vs Kybella: which is the game-changer?

The nonsurgical methods offer safer ways to deal with a double chin. Patients have reported positive results after the procedures. They have relaxed after treatment care. Thus, as a patient, you don’t feel the pressure to nurse the area after the treatment.


Scientists found out that fat cells are sensitive to cold temperatures. It came as a breakthrough to solve the problem of stubborn fat deposits in the body. You can do all to lose body fat, but the double chin won’t go. You can get rid of the fat deposits through a fat freezing process we call Coolsculpting. 

First, you need to be in good health to have a coolsculpting treatment. Also, it would help if you didn’t have a skin condition that accelerates under cold temperatures. Otherwise, the method is safe for a larger percentage of people. 

You should have at least three coolsculpting treatments spaced four weeks apart. Some patients opt to have the treatments six weeks apart. 

The coolsculpting session involves using a vacuum-like applicator on the treatment area. The applicator sucks a part of the chin within it. The latest tech involves wrapping an applicator around the chin. 

Low temperatures around the chin will make fat cells freeze. Then, they die since they are sensitive to cold.

Coolsculpting is effective since the temperatures don’t affect other body tissues, muscles, and cells. However, it would help if you had a massage after every treatment session- it helps refresh the numb body cells in the treatment area. 

These treatments have little to no side effects. A handful of patients have reported numbness, tingling, redness, bruising, muscle cramping, and, in extreme cases, diarrhea.

The cost of coolsculpting differs from one clinic to another—the major factor in the differences in the clinic’s equipment. The experience of the practitioner comes a distant second. 


Although coolsculpting vs Kybella is a debate in the beauty industry, they undeniably give parents similar and satisfying results. Kybella is an injection of an acid that dissolves the fat cells under the chin. Once the fats are dissolved, the body flashes the dissolved fat cells out through metabolism. 

You’ll need at least four months to have different shots of Kybell treatment. Experts recommend a minimum of 4 treatments and a maximum of 6. They all depend on the size of a double chin at the initial treatment. You can witness 10% to 25% of your chin six months after your initial treatment.

You will need at most one month for you to recover fully. Some of the few and mild side effects include bruising, swelling, redness, itching, numbness, and nausea. In a few instances, a patient may have hypertension or trouble when swallowing. 

You should plan enough budget for all your treatment sessions. The treatment is affordable, but you’ll need to pay from your pocket. Insurance doesn’t cover any cosmetic procedure. 

Different clinics will have different charges for the same treatment. Many things come to play when determining the charges. The skills and experience of the practitioner are a standard reason. Then the target client determines the charge you will set for one session.


Both methods work by eliminating fat cells under the chin. Coolsculpting does that by freezing the cells while Kybella dissolves the fats. Both processes end with a metabolism that flushes the fat cells out of your body. The results are a smooth and defined jawline. 

You need more than one treatment for both methods to get optimum results. They are safe methods since they are nonsurgical. You can use any of the treatments as a substitute for liposuction.

It would be best if you have extra weight loss before you take any double chin treatment method. It helps get rid of stubborn fats and prevents the reoccurrence of the double chin. Also, you will need fewer treatment sessions since some fats will reduce during the exercise and dieting period. 

Although Coolsculpting vs. Kybella is different, they are both nonsurgical ways to get rid of a double chin. The methods are painless and quick. They all have no downtime- you can resume your routine immediately after a treatment session.

Since both methods need less than one hour to complete, you don’t need an appointment to attend the sessions. However, appointments are necessary so you don’t skip the consequent sessions. 

You can experience side effects after any of the treatment methods. However, the effects are mild. If there’s no pain involved, you can let the effects fade with time. In case of pain, you can use OTC painkillers to suppress the pain. 


Coolsculpting vs Kybella won’t be a worthy debate if we ignore the differences between the methods. First, coolsculpting needs a suction applicator to treat the double chin. One treatment would take up to 45 minutes. On the other hand, Kybelaneeds about 20-25 minutes to inject deoxycholic acid with a tiny needle on the chin. The injections are about 20 spread evenly on the double chin. When you assess the treatments, coolsculpting improves the skin laxity, while Kybella may make it worse. 

The best Treatment for Double Chin

Both treatments are effective. However, you may choose any of the methods based on your budget or your fears. If you are allergic to colds, you may opt for Kybella. Patients with trypanophobia may opt for coolsculpting.

Kybella is best if your schedule is so tight. The treatment takes at most 25 minutes. Thus, you can rush to the clinic over the lunch hour and catch up with your afternoon presentation. 

There are cases that your fat deposits are too small, and they won’t fit in an applicator. In such a case, you can opt for Kybella. 

If you are not sure the treatment method you should choose, you can schedule different appointments for both treatments. If you find a clinic offering both services, it can save you consultation time. 


The Coolsculpting vs Kybella debate will end when everyone understands what they need in treatment. However, you will get results through any of the treatments. You need the double chin gone. The results are impressive, and you can achieve your desired look. Both methods give permanent results. However, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle after the treatment. 


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