Cyphertop Offers Encryption for Multiple Operating Systems

New York, NY Jun 25, 2022 – Cyphertop is an encryption software suite that provides AES 256-bit encryption over a network with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Android. It can encrypt files on various platforms, including mobile devices and cloud-based services.

Cyphertop encryption software program is specifically designed for individuals and small groups within companies. It is reliable and robust, and you will find all the tools you need to protect and secure your files.

This software automatically protects files stored on services like Google Drive or Dropbox. That is an excellent bonus because Cyphertop also protects files that are not stored on your computer.

Cyphertop encryption software uses algorithms to scramble readable data and transforms it into an encrypted piece of information. To initial scramble and protect the information, public encryption keys are used. An authorized user holds a private key used to decrypt data and return it in a readable form. Modern encryption keys adhere to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which uses 128-bit or 256-bit key lengths. These are very long strings of numbers that scramble information.

Cyphertop has valuable features, such as a strong password generator that eliminates the risk of employees using insecure passwords throughout their organization. A virtual file shredder is available to completely wipe the entire disk of any data that you need.

That can be done by using password management software. It securely stores and automatically enters passwords so employees can have complex passwords without remembering them. It would help if you also looked into virtual document shredding capabilities. That will ensure that deleted data is completely erased and cannot be recovered from your hard drive.

Every organization must store and transmit data. That includes financial information, personally identifiable information (PII), and other data. Enterprise organizations manage large amounts of data, and that is particularly true. When other security software fails, encryption is crucial for protecting sensitive information.

Data encryption can help protect sensitive information, reduce legal fees, and damage an organization’s reputation. Organizations that do not have proper security measures, such as encryption, risk being criticized for failing to comply with data privacy regulations.

Cyphertop can be purchased as a single license, not as a subscription, meaning you only have to pay once. A single operating system license starts at $29.99. However, to enjoy the whole cross-platform experience, the bundle costs $53.99.

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