Radha Krishna Mandala Art

Deluge Into The Love Of Radha Krishna Mandala Art Paintings

A brief about Mandala art 

The Mandala is a symbol that has its origin in Hinduism and Buddhism and has a spiritual significance, representing the universe. In Sanskrit, mandala means circle which is a geometric pattern that symbolizes rebirth, repetitiveness, protection, and spiritual growth. Therefore, Mandala art is gaining popularity and becoming a contemporary choice of people. 

Types of Mandala art-

Figure mandala– This type of art uses figures of deities, like Radha Krishna, etc, some element symbols, and a picture of the universe and space. Often a square shape is also used because the four angles of the square have spiritual denotation.

Flower mandala– The main feature of this mandala is the flowers and its petal. The beautiful flower captivates enough to denote balance, rebirth, enlightenment, and more. 

Architectural mandala– As the name is suggesting, this mandala has lines of architecture that can be either 3D drawings or some other shape. 

Geometric patterns– These are the shape of semi-circle, triangles, squares, and circles, having a center point that simplifies the design. 

Letter mandala– Also called symbol mandala, they are letters instead of depictions of deities or other spiritual figures. 

Importance of Radha Krishna mandala art paintings

Radha Krishna mandala art paintings contain all kinds of geometric patterns and it has the significance of eternal love and sacrifice. You may put these paintings in any part of your home and bring enlightenment and prosperity to your dwelling. Whether it is your living room, dining area, bedroom, prayer room or kid’s room, hallway, or outside the gallery.

This art is made as a pattern of small colorful dots that get connected to form geometric patterns like circles and lines. The simple patterns transform into figures and make some colorful themes that can make your home look lavish. Despite its spiritual importance, it is a painting that has beautiful content in it. 

Radha and Krishna are the epitome of love and sacrifice. They are worshipped with devotion to attain the attributes of eternal love and emotions. The mandala art paintings of Radha and Krishna are a symbol of positivity and rejoice that calms your mind and gives you a serene feeling. 

Radha Krishna mandala art is used for decorative purposes because it is used in paintings. Artists while making the painting express their emotions and it is visible in their paintings. Different symbols combine to form different figures and craft into mesmerizing Radha Krishna mandala art. 

The mandala art paintings are not only limited to artistic look but also have been associated with self-expression and self-discovery. It leads to self-love, positive thinking, and inner balance. Wall mantra provides exquisite art paintings that will refresh your mind and can completely change the look of your rooms making them pretty. 

Décor ideas to decorate your different rooms

The interior of your living room can be changed and modified by just changing the décor. With such colorful paintings, it will just brighten the room and also fill the space. Keep in mind your theme and select pictures that match the color of your wall. The size should be in accordance with the space available in your family room. You can put the picture opposite TV or above the sofa. 

We are assuring you if you choose this art as your centerpiece, it will be a topic of discussion between your guests and will also drive them to buy a similar painting. Wall mantra has such a diverse collection of paintings according to your desire and themes. 

Allow traditional art to enter your bedroom and make your space calm and peaceful with such lovable deities. They are an inspiration for couples to be less demanding and caring towards their partner. It motivates us to be selfless and keep fewer expectations and also sacrifice. Therefore, what else one can expect from a perfect partner. 

You can place the picture just on the opposite wall of your bed or just above the bed. If you select a bigger picture then it can fill the whole wall and you don’t need other art pieces. Paintings with vibrant colors will stand out, on a white wall. Also, if you want to place it according to Vastu then place it appropriately.

A hallway or study room can also make the space look traditional. If you are an art lover and appreciate art then Mandala paintings are a highflier for you. Place them at a distance from your furniture that makes them look magnificent. Again, the color combination should be chosen wisely. 

Entrances can also have such paintings; they will make a lasting impression on whosoever comes to the home. You can also place Ganesha paintings because they are also considered a symbol of luck and positivity. Make sure these deities’ paintings are in the northwest or east direction. In these directions, they are believed to bring happiness. 

Final words

Make your home a place where you allow all kinds of décor to sum up creating a trendy look. You can choose from our diverse collection of home décor products starting from paintings to others. This Radha Krishna mandala art painting is a superb choice for all the people who want to make their home a bliss.

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