Dermal Pigmentation in Abu Dhabi
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Dermal Pigmentation in Abu Dhabi: Pigmentation Treatment in Dubai

Melanocytes, or pigmented-colored cells, play a role in the process of pigmentation, which results in the development of so-called pigment spots on the skin’s surface. Age spots and freckles don’t endanger your health, but they do cause aesthetic issues. This is a process in which melanocytes, pigment cells, which color the skin, cause so-called pigment spots to develop on the skin’s surface. These issues can be resolved with Dermal Pigmentation in  Abu Dhabi.

Nowadays, many people suffer from a dermatological disorder known as pigmentation. Because pigmentation can occasionally be bothersome, both men and women are actively looking for a safer solution to this issue. Pigmentation is the term used to describe the staining of the skin caused by a variety of factors. It may simply impact a small portion of the face or the full body.

Skin pigmentation: What is it?

Melanin pigments, which are created by specialized skin cells, are what gives humans their distinctive skin tones. More than 150 genes either directly or indirectly influence skin tone. When melanin production is off, it can result in abnormalities of skin pigmentation by producing either too little or too much melanin. These ailments cause the skin to seem blotchy and discolored, lighter or darker than usual, or both. Hyperpigmentation is the result of too much melanin, whereas hypopigmentation is the result of too enough melanin.

Internal variables like hormones, endothelium cells, or biological situations like pregnancy are typically considered to be the primary reason. Disorders of pigmentation can occasionally be brought on by external sources such as UV radiation, burns, or contact with specific substances. Skin pigmentation abnormalities are also known to be triggered by stress and dietary imbalances, which are often precursors to other conditions.

The Candidate’s name is

The pigmentation treatment provided by Our Clinic allows both men and women to get rid of pigmentation on their faces and virtually the entire rest of their bodies. Skin pigmentation of any kind can be addressed. If you experience any of these, you can think about getting therapy.

age stains

injured skin

Are you the ideal applicant?

older than 18 and do not smoke.
You are in good physical and mental health to receive the treatment.
anticipate the treatment’s outcomes in the real world.
want to make your skin look better.

The goal of Treatment:

The doctor will provide therapy depending on what is causing the skin to appear darker. It is crucial to take a holistic approach to the treatment, combining at-home maintenance with cosmetic operations. Modern and efficient techniques are employed at our Clinic to tackle the problems.


Patients who want to get rid of skin pigmentation successfully should adhere to the following recommendations:

Avoid the sun and shield your skin from UV rays, especially between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm. You should wear high SPF sunscreen on your face during these hours.
At least a week before your treatment, consume 3–4 glasses of lemon juice daily.
Smoking should be avoided for at least a week before to the treatment since it inhibits recovery.


You can achieve naturally-looking, flawless skin.
Simple strategies for dealing with aging symptoms
Nearly every body area, including the hands and face, can be treated with these procedures.
very quick recovery time
does not affect the tissues around the treatment area in any way
Recovery and follow-up are easy and uncomplicated.
The procedure is economical.
Treatment is available for all forms of pigmentation.
It is compatible with all skin types and tones.
There are a few negative effects.

Treatment Methods:

All treatments are performed on cutting-edge machinery using the best medications. A highly qualified individual who will do an examination and prescribe the appropriate care items and procedures will be providing you with care and treatment.

Chemical peel:

This skin resurfacing technique is used to address skin pigmentation. The chemical peel solution can remove the top layer of skin, revealing a younger, healthier layer beneath. Your skin’s dark patches are lessened in this manner. Depending on whether you require a light, medium, or deep peel treatment, different peels include alpha-hydroxy acid, glycolic acid, and trichloroacetic acid as active ingredients. Cosmelan Peel, Spotless You Peel, UBER PRO Peel (with Dermapen), Ferrulac Peel, Miami Peel, Super Bright, and The Pigmentation Freedom Peel are just a few of the various peel treatments we provide at OUR Clinic. All of these procedures are expertly carried out under the direction of dermatologists who are knowledgeable and proficient in their field.

Medi-facials :

By getting deep into the targeted regions, medi-facials have the power to enhance the health and quality of your skin. Dermatologists utilize various media-facial procedures depending on how black your pigmentation spots are. Brightening Facial, SuperJet Facial, Anti-Clock Facial,  Intensive Vitamin C Facial, Bright Eye Treatment, and Skin Facial are just a few of the medi-facial treatments we provide at OUR Clinic.


injectable medications are used in the pigmentation procedure known as mesotherapy to treat your skin’s dark patches. The most frequently utilized substances to effectively cure pigmentation are vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts. These are injected at various depths into the skin areas affected by the pigmentation, depending on your situation. However, some negative effects of the treatment, such as nausea, redness, sensitivity, scars, swelling, rash, and discomfort, are possible. The operation is painless and requires no recovery time because of the use of the MCT microinjector gun.


A minimally invasive therapy method for treating Dermal Pigmentation is microneedling. Your dermatologist will pierce the targeted skin patches during this operation using extremely small needles. Your body immediately begins to mend the punctures once it is finished. Along with the purposely caused skin damage, your body also repairs the pigmented lesions over time. The operation is much more effective because of the new Dermapen 4 technology. The meso serums such as Vitamin C, Glutathione, Ferulic acid peel, and Retinol peel can permeate deeper into the skin after executing the micro-needling procedure. Without the need for any downtime, this can assist in treating the pigment cells, which are situated deeper in the skin layer.

Laser peel:

Skin pigmentation can be treated safely and effectively with a laser peel. A laser device is used by the dermatologist to deliver wavelengths to the skin’s target locations. The injured skin cells are destroyed by the laser wavelengths, which also lighten pigmentation. This surgery has no negative side effects, and you can notice the results right away. Due to its modern features, Q- switched laser devices are used today. The laser employed has a Q-switched laser wavelength, which helps to naturally break up and remove pigment cells from the body. It doesn’t require any downtime and won’t make you more sensitive to the light. Although it takes more sessions, you may anticipate progress after each one.

The Q-switched laser not only helps to treat pigmentation but also enhances the overall brightness, texture, and tone of the skin. For the best outcomes, it must be carried out in a licensed facility with a USFDA-approved machine under the guidance of a qualified dermatologist.

IPL Therapy :

Another laser pigmentation treatment method for treating dark spots on the skin is intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy. When the laser is applied to the areas that need treatment, it boosts the creation of collagen, which naturally begins to heal the damaged skin. The dark dots become fewer and lighter with time. If you have fair skin, this treatment is perfect for you because darker skin requires caution when using the technique, which is safer for fairer skin. IPL therapy has, however, lost some of its appeals as a result of advances in lasers and Pico lasers.

Microdermabrasion :

The skin’s outermost layer, the epidermis, is removed using the microdermabrasion technique. The pigmented spots can be removed with this process, which needs numerous sessions. You must ensure that it is carried out by a skilled dermatologist who can ensure the finest outcomes.

LED light therapy:

Even after exposure to the sun, the Red LED light has a beneficial effect on skin and can stop pigmentation. It also lessens inflammation of other kinds including sunburn. This pigmentation is treated with an LED light source. This procedure is non-invasive, painless, and requires little recovery time.


Dermal Pigmentation Treatment can cost between AED 399 and AED 999 each session. The number of sessions and the treatment method will determine the real cost of the treatment.




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