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So this is called the express editor and CV download. That’s right. That is going to give you the ability to inline edit the important details about your listing. So on this screen, you can edit your quantity. Your product’s cost You can change your title, your ebay listing template, and a variety of other things, so what do you know, going back to when we want to tweak listings, we always recommend revising.You can do a lot of your revisions here and then when you go back into your regular catalog to cross post them, they’re all going to be shown by updated date, and they’ll be right there at the top, and then you can just use the update button.

Professional Ebay Listing Template

At that point, Yes, so this is amazing because I, I mean, we all know I love the inline editor. All right, I’m doing a bunch of bulk changes. Uh-huh, are you going to take them to the marketplace? Amanda and Theresa, you have to use the update button. Oh all right, I love it. Amanda just released that incredible feature. I am so happy about that. I love, love, the update button. Why do you love it so much, Teresa? Because you know, I don’t. I used to have to do it manually and go click and open the window and change things. Like Amanda said, like all of the changes at the top of the page and I’m doing some inventory management.

I’m editing some listings as I’m going through my inventory boxes and stuff. and then what I do at the end of the day is exactly what she said. I’ll go through and I’ll update 10 or 15 listings on ebay and just cry and update those and then I’ll do them on poshmark and then.

I’ll do them for etsy and then I’ll go down to the next 10 or 15 and it’s just, you know, mindless work that I can do in the evenings with and this way it keeps my inventory and my listings updated inconsistently across all platforms and I am now dedicated to making list my list perfectly catalog my 100 inventory management system by the end of the year, moving over from where it was ebay and it’s been a hybrid between ebay and list perfectly for, you know, probably for the last two years.

Ebay Listing Template Generator

This was the key that got that will get me away from having to use eBay because I updated the list perfectly and then I can update it and push it out to update push the updates out to all the different platforms with this update feature. What she’s showing right now isn’t an incredible feature. You can update pricing, titles, images, uh, incredible. It’s just an incredible feature.

Okay, we’re selecting eBay. We choose update. You can do price, quantity, title, images, and description. So you choose what you want to update. In this case, we were showing how to edit listings one by one. That was the old way to do it, but I’m going to show you right now how to do it in bulk with the express editor.

Best Ebay Listing Template

And look at this, here we go, while is perfectly not just a cross posting service, here it is upper right corner prohibited word detected in your description poshmark. Imagine getting suspended or a warning. Imagine if you do this in 10 listings. Wow, imagine a hundred. All right, so this is why it’s good to have control and not leave everything automated. All right, these automation tools.

We are small resellers who are still figuring out our audience and our product. Tweaking and making changes that your audience and buyers require will get you to the next level, and let me perfectly warn you about, you know, paypal, you know, and poshmark. We all did it. Okay, I’m going to say it out loud, we all did it. And then I was horrified that I ended up selling and it was a purple shirt okay.

Best Ebay Listing Template

But, once again, it comes so perfectly will protect your businesses not only by letting you import in the update ebay template design your listings so you don’t lose that rich SEO work that eBay has already done to push.

Because don’t forget that eBay in Google Shopping, if they what is it, 80 percent of the traffic on eBay is organic because they use Google shopping, so that’s something I want to tell you, it’s very important that you take advantage of that and stop the listing and listing, so you give ebay the time to send that listing okay to Google and then when you tweak it, it’s just an update, it’s not sending it.

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