DIY Methods To Remove Beet Stains From Your Rugs & Carpets

It should come as no surprise that beet stains are some of the worst rug or carpet stains out there. This is because they’re difficult to remove and change the overall appearance of your carpet or rug for the worst. In case you’re unaware, beet dye has been used in the textile industry since time immemorial. 

So, if you’re looking for foolproof techniques to remove beet stains from your beautiful rug or carpet, then fret not as we’ll help you obtain the same. In this extensive guide, we’ll be discussing the entire procedure that you can follow to effectively remove beet stains from your carpets or rugs so that you can continue enjoying them over time. 

Proper DIY Methods To Eliminate Beet Stains From Your Rugs & Carpets

  • According to a Persian rug stain removal service provider, the first step should be to take a dry cloth and use it to absorb the leftover fluids from the stain. The dry cloth will eliminate the excess liquid, which will make the cleaning process easier. 
  • Then take some cold water in a container and use a clean sponge with it. Hold the water-dipped sponge against the stains and allow the stain to get soaked with the water molecules from the sponge. Once done, use a dry cloth to blot the area. Continue repeating the process till you get satisfactory results.
  • Sometimes, simple cold water will not do the job and you might need the helping hand of a dishwashing detergent. In that case, you can proceed to add two tablespoons of your preferred dishwashing detergent with two cups of cold water and create a strong cleaning solution. 
  • One of the other ways to remove beet stains is to use white bread. Simply take a slice of white bread, soak it in cold water and hold it against the beet stains. Allow the stains to get absorbed into the bread and then gently lift the bread to remove the stains. 

Some additional tips & tricks that you must remember when dealing with beetroot stains:

  • You must remember that when you deal with stains instantly, the removal process becomes easier than trying to remove the same when the stains have already settled into the carpet fibers.

  • Since beet stains are not fat-based stains, the best remedy is to use cold water for its removal process. Using hot water may further set the stain into the fibers of your carpet or rug. 
  • Before you proceed to use any specific type of cleaning solution on your carpet or rug, be sure to test it out in a small area of your rug or carpet so that you can be sure of its efficacy. 
  • The cloths or towels that you’ll use for blotting should be clean. 

And that brings us to the end of our extensive guide on the methods to remove beet stains from carpets & rugs. We hope you enjoyed our suggestions and in case you want a professional helping hand in cleaning your carpets or rugs, don’t hesitate to give us a call and set up a proper appointment. 

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